Ayurvedic Medicine for Insomnia  

ayurvedic medicine for insomnia

Sleep is one of the prime necessities for survival. But it seems sleep is the most compromised one!

In this modern-day, 2 is the new 12! Sometimes it’s the unrealistic deadlines and sometimes it’s the last-minute assignments. Sometimes it’s the exam pressure and sometimes job tension. Sometimes it’s the worrying mind and sometimes a taxing disease. The culture of binge-watching and video gaming everything ends up pushing the sleep time past 2 a.m. in the morning.

But this slashing of sleep causes more harm than one can imagine. It disrupts the circadian rhythm which results in a host of diseases. From hypertension to diabetes, obesity to cancer, lack of sleeping or sleeping untimely is a major culprit of modern diseases.

Ayurveda offers natural and effective ways that aids sleep. It offers a range of safe and herbal alternative to sleeping pills that boosts great sleep without causing any harmful side effect.

Here are the top 4 Ayurvedic remedies to insomnia trusted by doctors all over:

Nidramitra Tablet – Brihatri

Nidramitra is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine indicated in insomnia. It is a rational blend of herbs possessing sleep-inducing properties. Nidramitra enhances the quality and quantity of sleep. 

Nidramitra tablets calm the mind and body and offer sound sleep treating all disruptions. It also offers some adaptogenic benefits and relieves stress and tension. Nidramitra is a safe and non-addictive formula, with no side effects. Ayurvedic experts trust Brihatri Nidramitra for treating insomnia, restlessness, disturbed sleep and stress.

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Tranque Forte Tablet – Alopa Herbal

Tranque Forte Tablet is a herbal ayurvedic proprietary medicine very effecting in calming the mind and inducing sound sleep.  It is a herbal formulation that switches off random and disturbing thoughts and enhances quality sleep. 

It is prepared with herbs like Tagara, Brahmi, Ashwagandha, Jyotishmati, which have properties that calm the mind, elevates the mood, fights depression and combats anxiety, and relieves stress. It addresses the causes of sleeplessness and brings the blessing of undisrupted sleep. Experts indicate Tranque in treating loss of sleep or insomnia. 

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Manasa Mitra Vatakam – Amrita Drugs

Manasa Mitra Vatakam is an ayurvedic formulation for boosting mental health. It is a combination of herbo-mineral product enriched with 73 powerful components. This formulation is very beneficial in conditions like anxiety, stress, depression and other psychotic issues. It helps in boosting brain functions and helps in improving memory power.

This natural cure for insomnia helps in promoting sleep. It keeps the mind calm and stable and relieves all stress from the body. Manasa Mitra Vatakam is a powerful composition and it should be administered only under strict medical supervision.

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 Stresscom Capsules – Dabur

Stresscom Cap is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine with neuroprotective properties that helps combat stress. It keeps the mind calm and stable. Stresscom capsules contain Ashwagandha as the main herb. Ashwagandha is a powerful adaptogen and is known for its efficacy in combating stress and depression.

This Ayurvedic formulation is a natural anxiolytic that brings calmness. It reduces cortisol levels and brings relief in insomnia and depression. This Ayurvedic formulation also improves athlete performance by enhancing a state of calm. It is mainly indicated in treating physical and mental stress, general debility and insomnia.

Ayurveda offers safe and effective formulations for treating insomnia. However, these medicines should be administered as per the doctor’s advice. Misuse may reduce the efficacy or even cause side-effects.

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7 Ayurvedic tips for sound sleep:

·   Practice meditation before bed-time.

·   Take a warm bath before hitting the bed. 

·   Ayurvedic oil massage brings relief.

·   Try listening to sleep-inducing calming music.

·   Create a clutter-free environment.

·   Pour a few drops of camphor on the pillow.

·   Eat a banana or drink turmeric milk.


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