Shree Maruthi Herbals, Rajasthan have come up with a formula derived from the herbs mentioned in the ancient ayurvedic texts to help facilitate sexual health. Stay-On Power is a one-stop solution to improve overall sexual wellbeing.  It comes in form of capsules and oil. It has a specific action on men’s sexual health. Stay-On Power helps improve erections, treats premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, prevents debility, and enhances libido. It works best when a regular dose of tablets is topped with topical application of oil.



Is your poor erection destroying your sex life? Are you not able to last as long as you wanted during intercourse? Or even worse, are you no longer attracted to your partner? Do you want a solution for one or more of these or related problems without any risks of side effects caused by chemicals? The answer is “Stay-On Capsules” from Shree Maruthi Herbals.

This is a formula derived purely from ayurvedic ingredients to improve libido, increase the quality of an erection and help last longer in bed. It also contains complete body rejuvenators like Guduchi and Amalaki making it a potent immunity booster. Stay-On Capsules also improve strength and stamina. This helps keep energy levels high during intercourse.

This formula is powered by a host of Shukradhatu enhancers. Some of the important ingredients used in this formula are Shuddha Shilajit, Amalaki, Gokshura, Guduchi, Bala, Basanki, Yasti, Ashwagandha, Atmagupta, Ajmoda, Pippali, Black Pepper and Nutmeg to name a few. The variety of ingredients in which all of them have libido promoting and sexual health beneficial properties make this formula from Shree Maruthi Herbals the right fit for Sexual wellbeing.



Stay-On Power capsules promote blood circulation and male sexual aggression. It thus enhances libido

It is useful in increasing the quality of erection in men. This can be useful in combating erectile dysfunction and also premature ejaculation.

It has a lot of ingredients like Amla, Guduchi , and Shilajitu which help promote overall health and boosts the immunity system.

It is an herbal formula and hence can be consumed for a long period of time without any side effects. It improves performance in bed over a period of time.



It is normally recommended to consume 2 tablets at a time twice a day with milk or water.

It is best to consult an ayurvedic physician before starting to consume this tablet.



No side effects are noticed for consuming these capsules in recommended doses.

It is best to consume this tablet for a maximum period of one month after which a 15 day break is recommended to the body to rejuvenate.

Keep out of the reach of children

This is a specific action capsule for sexual wellbeing and hence is not recommended to consume for other reasons

People with chronic disorders are advised to consume this tablet only under strict medical supervision and on the recommendations from your doctor.



Stay-On Power oil is ayurvedic medicated oil designed by Shree Maruthi herbals to help improve male erection. It is oil for topical application which can be applied externally to improve blood circulation, improve erections and enhance sex drive.

Stay-On Power oil is enriched with 9 ayurvedic herbs all of which are either renowned to improve sexual wellbeing or improve blood circulation. Jothismathi, Cloves, Jathiphala, Ashwagandha, Nagakeshara, Jatipatri, Vachcha, Harmal and Upakunchika are infused in Til Oil to formulate Stay-On Power oil.

The ayurvedic herbal formula makes it completely safe and free of side effects even for long term applications.




The topical application of Stay-On Power oil helps improve the quality of erection

It improves blood circulation in the area and this helps in stronger erections

It also indirectly helps improve libido



Wash the area with lukewarm water and dry it. Apply 3-4 drops of Stay-On Power oil and massage gently.

It is generally recommended to apply 15 to 20 minutes before bedtime

For best results combine with the use of Stay-On Power Capsules



No side effects are reported for the application of this oil

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