pinda taila – uses, benefits and side effects

pinda taila

Ayurveda is the ancient science that dealt with all aspects of human life be it healing the body or the mind. The 5000 years old magic of the Vedas has withstood the face of time and today it is one of the most effective and safe healing practices that’s gaining popularity all across the globe.

Among all the formulations of Ayurveda, the goodness of Ayurvedic therapies and oil massages has spread like a fierce wildfire leaving the whole world in awe of its magic. There is nothing more heavenly than a blissful massage at the end of a tiring day. A good session of panda taila massage is enough to elate the soul when the body screams in pain.

Pinda Taila – The Ayurvedic weapon to whip the pain away

Pinda Taila is a poly-herbal Ayurvedic body massage oil prepared from bee-wax, manjistha, sarjarasa, sariva, and sesame oil. This mystic lube works wonder in eradicating pain and in calming the body. It’s anti-microbial and wound healing properties works wonder in reconciling wounds, fighting infections and relaxing the body. The topical analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties make it a potent formulation for treating inflammations and various body ache.

Benefits of Pinda Taila
With all the hype about this amazing Ayurvedic creation, let’s take a deeper dig into the wonders of Pinda Taila.

  • Treatment of Arthritis

Arthritis is a painful condition marked by weakened joints and bones that usually occurs in old age. Pinda Taila has the power to combat this painful woe of the bones. A gentle massage of Pinda Thailam gives relief from the pain, burning sensation, redness, joint tenderness and inflammation that are commonly encountered by arthritis patients. It is especially recommended for gout arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Curing Burning Feet (Burning Feet Syndrome)

This is a condition where the patient feels burning sensation in feet, generally accompanied by paresthesia and numbness. Massaging the feet with Pinda Thailam helps in calming this burning sensation and relieves tiredness and fatigue of feet.

  • Rejuvenating the Skin

This herbal oil is also beneficial for multiple skin problems. The anti-microbial and moisturizing properties of Pinda Taila helps in avoiding excessive skin exfoliation, heals foot blisters, reduces skin rashes and protects against lesions.


  • Soothes fatigue and tiredness

A gentle massage with the Pinda taila is quiet efficient in alleviating tiredness and calming down the body. It relaxes the joints and muscles of the body and ensures a pleasant sleep.

Other benefits of Pinda Taila
Pinda taila is specially curated to soothe pain, heat sensation, burning sensation, redness of the skin, joint tenderness, swelling in the joints and pounding pain.

  • It helps in improving the movement in the joints.
  • It is used since ages to address tenderness, swelling, and stiffness of the body.
  • It is extremely effective in gout, varicose veins, arthritis and in sprains and myalgia.

Pinda Taila side effects:

  • As all the ingredients of this marvellous lotion come from nature there are no side effects when applied externally.
  • Pinda Taila is massage oil and is recommended for external use only. It should not be administered for oral consumption.

One thought on “pinda taila – uses, benefits and side effects

  1. Radha ym says:

    I applied pinda Tilam onces I got pimples only to the area I applied. My that has become like a allergy and it’s not going. I am applying cocount oil to reduces the swelling but it’s not cured completely. May I know some medicine or home remedies please.
    Thank you.

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