Benefits of brihat haridra khanda

Brihat Haridra Khanda

Brihat Haridra Khanda is a well known Ayurvedic formulation that soothes all the ailments of the skin. Haridra which translates to turmeric is the main constituent of this salve and we are no alien to the ways in which turmeric can transform the skin. It is blessed with ant-oxidant, tonic, carminative, antidiabetic, blood purifying, diuretic, expectorant and anti-allergic properties that works like a magic wand erasing all the skin problems.

Along with turmeric, many other auspicious ingredients are blended together to boost its medicinal value. The fine granules of this poly-herbal medicine are very effective in treating numerous skin diseases and allergies. It is widely used as a cure for urticaria and all skin disorders characterized by itching and skin rashes. It is also very useful in blisters and fungal infections of the skin.

What can Brihat Haridra Khanda do for you?
The rich ingredients fused in perfect amount benefits your skin and body in many ways.

  • Boosts immunity

The body’s immune system is the armour against all diseases. A strong immune system fights the germs and keeps you healthy at all times. Brihat Haridra Khanda helps to improve immunity. It also enhances the physical and mental health of a person.

  • Combats cold

Brihat Haridra Khanda is a great expectorant that promotes the secretion of sputum through the air passages. It is drying in nature and reduces phlegm inside the body. It gives relief from runny nose and watery eyes. Its anti-allergic effect helps to stop sneezing and reduce nasal congestion and postnasal drip.

  • Blood Purifier

It contains Loha Bhasma and hence helps in anemia or low hemoglobin level. It acts as a blood purifier which aids in getting clearer acne-free skin.


  • Anti-aging potion

It rejuvenates and revitalizes skin. Its antioxidant property scavenges the free radicals and delays multiple signs of aging including wrinkles and dark lines in the skin.

  • Flawless Skin

Turmeric along with many other potent herbs helps you to get that clear flawless skin. It treats skin problems from its roots. It not only improves skin quality and complexion but also removes bad odor and treats swollen skin.

  • Soothes itchy skin

It is excellent for allergic skin ailments like rashes, itching, urticaria and boils. Haridrakhand reduces the occurrence of white or red itchy welts. Haridrakhand can help to relieve itching sensation due to its antipruritic, antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, and blood purifier action.

  • Anti-inflammatory action

Haridra khanda is very effective in treating inflammatory conditions. It has been used for ages as a natural cure for reddened, swollen, hot, and often painful skin conditions. Its anti-irritant property is helpful in reducing signs of inflammation, such as swelling, tenderness, pain, itching, or redness. This herbal medication can also be used to treat burnt skin and blisters. It is very beneficial in skin diseases characterized by swelling, rashes, burning sensation and itchiness.

  • Anthelmintic property

This rare characteristic of Haridakhanda helps in expelling parasitic worms (helminths) and other internal parasites from the body.

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