Brahmi vital granules

Brahmi vital granules

Brihatri Brahmi vital granules are powered by the medicinal and nutritional benefits of unique herbs like Brahmi, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Shankapushpi, Gokshura and Cardamom. Brahmi is the highest-rated herb in Ayurveda for improving memory functions and acting as a brain tonic. Many scientific studies have also proven the benefits of this unique herb. Ashwagandha and Shatavari are also highly rated for providing complete nourishment to the brain and entire body. Cardamom improves cognitive functions. The benefits of all these herbs are brought in a single offering by Brihatri Brahmi vital granules. So enhance your memory, improve the learning abilities of your child and get complete brain nourishment with Brihatri Brahmi vital granules.

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There are many leading ayurvedic companies that prepare memory-boosting oral products with Brahmi and the other herbs which are in Brihatri Brahmi vital granules. Why should one opt for a Brihatri product ahead of other leading companies which own large herbal farms and prepare their product by following all ayurvedic recommendations?

Brihatri is one of the only brands which collect all their herbal ingredients from organic farms. If you think by simply consuming herbal medicines you can stay away from chemicals, you are wrong. Herbs that are cultivated with chemical fertilizers (though still retaining some benefits) cannot be said to be completely free from chemicals. Brihatri products are cultivated in organic farms where only natural and organic manure is used to cultivate them. So products made from such naturally sown, grown and cultivated herbs which are also hygienically processed are likely to have much better medicinal benefits. These benefits make Brihatri’s products a step ahead of the rest. So if you want to enjoy the best benefits of Brahmi, get Brihatri. 

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Brihatri Brahmi vital granules are also 100% free from chemicals and artificial ingredients. They also are free from harmful flavoring substances. This makes Brahmi the best health supplement to flavor the milk of your children. It will cause no harmful side effects even if consumed for a long time virtue of its high-quality herbal ingredients.


Brihatri Brahmi Granules are the best tonic for improving concentration, attention and learning abilities in children.

It boosts memory in young toddlers and helps them retain the things they have learnt.

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When your everyday milk is flavored with Brihatri Brahmi vital granules, you milk your stress will rush out through the back door. These herbal granules have the potential to eliminate stress. It can also provide a refreshing mood which also helps in combating anxiety and depression.

If you are among those struggling to get a sound sleep at night, especially because of restlessness or stress, have a cup of milk flavored with Brahmi vital for significant improvements in sleep quality and quantity.

Brahmi vital granules are a complete tonic for the brain. They also nourish all important tissues in the body and enhance the ojas virtue of powerful ingredients like Ashwagandha and Gokshura.


A study titled “Chronic Effects of Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) on Human Memory” published in the “Neuropsychopharmacology Journal” has claimed that regular consumption of Brahmi helps decrease the rate of forgetting newly learned concepts.

Another study published in the “Annals of Neurosciences” journal by a collaborative team of Indian and American scientists titled “Neurocognitive Effect of Nootropic Drug Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) in Alzheimer’s Disease” has shown positive results in the potential of Brahmi to help prevent and manage Alzhiemer’s disease. Brahmi acts as a brain tonic and improves cognitive functions and memory in Alzhiemer’s patients the study claimed.

Similarly, many studies have been on rats have also helped scientifically establish the medicinal benefits of Brahmi. The demand for human studies to help scientifically establish the benefits of Brahmi is growing. Some studies involving small groups have already been conducted and positive results were observed. Some studies also failed to scientifically establish the benefits.

In their paper titled “Clinical Efficacy of Brahmi Vati: A Critical Review” researchers based in Rajasthan have analyzed the studies involving human test subjects for Brahmi. They state in their study published in the “Global Journal of Research Analyses” that the clinical studies of Brahmi which showed negative results occurred due to poor standards of testing and flawed parameters. They argued that in studies that were conducted properly Brahmi did show positive results for traditional claims.

Hence Brihatri Brahmi vital capsules which are powered by the brain-boosting ability of Brahmi can help improve intelligence, critical thinking, memory, and cognitive ability both in adults and children.


Take two heap spoons of Brihatri Brahmi vital granules and mix them in one glass of milk. Consume it twice a day for improved memory and brain functions.


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