Brihatri ashwagandhadi lehya : The birthday gift

brihatri ashwagandhadi lehya

                                                     Testimonial by: Ravi Shankar

Getting old can be fun when you have the right partner holding your hand. As I turned 45, I looked at my wife with fine lines and wrinkles and still felt like she is the beautiful woman in the world. I was 45, but my heartbeat was like that of 25!

There could not be a better match for me than the woman lying next to me. We play pranks, we make fun of each other, we care for each other and above all, we hold the family as our priority. Not because we were taught to do that or that’s our responsibility but we really enjoy being in this little nest of ours that we have turned into a paradise!

So, like every year, my 45 th  birthday too was not a grand affair, but it was a beautiful get together of the close ones. After we had a hearty laugh and a lovely meal, my wife sneaked me into the corner and handed me my gift with a peck on the cheek. 

I knew it must be something odd. I can tell you by the way she tried hard to hide the smile. Pressing her beautiful lips and distracting me with a web of words. I unwrapped the gift and as expected she gave me a bottle of BRIHATRI Ashwagandhadi Lehya. The note read, “Hello, oldie! You would need this for things to stand still”

We both had a loud laugh and quickly hid it from the children. The next morning I looked at her gift and read the contents on the bottle. BRIHATRI Ashwagandhadi Lehya is an Immuno booster, anti-oxidant, anti-stress, libido booster.

Everything that I wanted at this age! With much love, I started using her gift and it did wonders to me. Not only my health improved but I was really able to make love like the young 25-year-old guy that I once was!!!

I definitely recommend every one of my age to try it once and enlive the magic!

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