Brihatri dandrall oil

Brihatri dandrall oil

There is hardly a soul on this mystic land who has not heard of the epic of Mahabharata. We all have literally grown up to the stories of bravery of Arjuna, strength of Bheema, wisdom of Krishna, honesty of Yudhisthira and courage of Draupadi. But the heroism of Arjuna and his sparks with Draupadi somewhere dims the true love that existed between Draupadi and her other husband Bheema.

Of all her five husbands, Bheema is the one who adored and loved her the most. Anything that Draupadi spelled was fulfilled by Bheemaunquestioned ! Be it the enchanting flower from the Kuber Garden or carrying her in the arms through dense forests, the grudge for her molestation by Keechak in Matsya kingdom or the vouch to take on 100 mighty Kauravas, Bheema was the one who stood by her through every thick and thin.

It was Bheema who vowed in the middle of the infamous courtroom to drink the blood of Dushyasana and break the thighs of Duryodhana and on the 18th day of the battle he lived by his words by doing the right justice. Only after this, Draupadi ties her hair after 15 long years.

During those 15 years of her putting her hair loose, Draupadi once suffered from the wrath of severe Dandruff. When she took up the issue to her husbands, no one except Bheema listened to her sores. He walked down the mountains and swam across rivers to reach the nearest vaidya who gave him a mystic oil along with a hair washing concoction prepared by combining the goodness of Neem, Tulsi and Ginger.

Today this combo is available in the wide spread Ayurcentral stores as Brihatri’s anti-dandruff shampoo and Dandrall oil.

Using the Ayurvedic formula just once, Draupadi hopped with joy for her beautiful tresses were once again free from the clutch of the monstrous foes. Touched by her husband’s gesture, Draupadi said, “O my beloved husband Pavan Putra Bheema, you are the only one who have given me all that a woman longs for. You have protected me every single time and stood for the humiliation I had received. I don’t know how to thank you!”

Amidst all the war and hatred, true love brewed between the two innocent souls that often go unseen for the spark was just in their hearts and deeds not out in the words. Read the epic saga once again to discover this missed angle of unconditional love.

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