Brihatri Jeera Goli

My mother visited me after almost a year as I was engrossed in my work, she was too weak to travel. But I guess it’s a mother’s love that gives her the strength to push that extra mile for their children every time.

She looked lean and pale and carried a box filled with pills which I never saw before. She refused to eat eggs or meat nor she took food filled with protein. Looking at her weak body and poor diet I got alarmed.

I checked her box of medicines first, It was filled with antacids and digestives. When I confronted her about her deteriorating health she replied in a casual tone blaming these as the signals of her ageing body. 
I knew digestion is not a problem related to just ageing! I took her to my nearest AyurCentral store, my all time destination for natural care. They looked at her, checked her pulses and medical records. The doctor was very friendly and he explained to my mom everything about our digestive system slowly and patiently.

He then recommended her to take a Brihatri Jeera Goli after her meals and not to avoid proteins which are very essential for the body. She can eat everything in controlled proportion, he gave a bottle from his sample collections and told her to try it to trust it.

Getting a free bottle made my mother so happy that she instantly turned into a fan. She religiously followed the doctor’s advice and often went to meet him during her evening walks. In a month, she was all happy and healthy.

Brihatri Jeera Goli is definitely a magic pill that brought my mother back to me. If you too are facing issues with digestion, try this simple remedy once before dumping all the pills.

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