Betala’s plight of Vikram’s dandruff – Dandrall oil

We all grew up to the captivating stories of Vikram and Betala in which the spirit of Betala hang around the shoulder of the great and noble king Vikrama. As Vikrama tours through the forests and plains, Betala would ask him intriguing puzzles and after solving each puzzle he would fly off his shoulder giving him the much-needed relief.

Following the usual routine, Betala once again jumped onto the king’s shoulders and asked him to solve a mind-boggling puzzle. Baffled by the riddle, the king scratched his head and what followed was an outburst of white flakes floating all around. The flakes got into Betala’s nose and he could hardly stop sneezing with the constant attack of the oily flakes.


Unable to bear any further, Betala finally whined about the dirty head of the king, dripping the king in embarrassment and guilt. The knowledgeable king of big kingdoms failed to win the war against dandruff. When the king admitted his plight, the wise spirit recommended him to use Dandrall oil.

Betala explained how this was the sure shot formula that the sages followed to keep their mane healthy and shiny. The king trusted his words and used the same that evening. Just after one wash, the sturdy foe vanished in thin air but what kept clinging is the heavy weight of the spirit nagging his peace with baffling riddles and bemusing questions.

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