Brihatri sunflower seeds for your daily dose of proteins

Brihatri sunflower seeds

Brihatri sunflower seeds

Brihatri offers a tastier and more ready-to-consume version of sunflower seeds in form of Brihatri Sunflower seeds (Roasted and Salted).  This product can be an ideal snack to accompany your evening tea. These seeds are much more nutritious than other snack items like biscuits and fried chips. They are a powerhouse of proteins. The nutritious composition of this product makes it a diabetic patient’s dream. Since most of the other regular snack items are not recommended for diabetes, these processed seeds offer an ideal solution. They are tastier and healthier. They are amongst the easiest and safest sources of proteins.

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Unlike the raw version of these seeds, Brihatri Sunflower seeds (Roasted and Salted) are processed by salting and heating it in a pan. It is likely to contain almost 70 mg of salt per 30 grams of the product. A quarter of a cup of this delightful snack can offer a plethora of health and nutritious benefits.

If you are looking for nutrition and immunity just by popping some salty snack into your mouth, Brihatri’s roasted and salted Sunflower seeds are your ‘go to’ option.

Brihatri’s products are sourced from the best farms which cultivate their plants organically. It is almost completely free from chemical fertilizers and hence is likely to be more nutritious.

No genetically modified ingredients are used in their preparation. Sunflower seeds collected from the best farms in India are sun-dried, salted and roasted in a hygienic environment with all the recommended practices in place.

Brihatri ensures their customers always get the best quality products, as well as the highest possible nutrition and health benefits from the same.

So if you ever had thoughts about choosing which brand of Roasted Sunflower seeds is of the highest quality, Brihatri is your best option.

It is not that other brands are of inferior quality or compromise on product quality but Brihatri always ensures that other offerings can at best match them but cannot beat them in quality of the product.

So make your evening chai, a health-boosting initiative by replacing your unhealthy evening snack item with Brihatri Sunflower seeds (Roasted and Salted).


Brihatri Sunflower seeds’ roasted and salted version is amongst the safest snack options available to diabetic patients. Because of the high carb and sugar content most snack items like potato chips, biscuits and others are not recommended for diabetic patients.

Even digestive biscuits have caused high fluctuations in many patients. There has always been a yearning amongst this group of people for a healthy snack alternative.

Brihatri has met their demand with roasted Sunflower seeds. A quarter of a cup of Brihatri’s Roasted and Salted Sunflower seeds is the best way to pop some yummy snacks into your mouth and get its rich nutritional benefits without worrying about insane blood sugar fluctuations.

This is a safe snack item for diabetic patients and can easily be integrated into their regular diet regime. Brihatri also offers this product in an easy-to-consume form.

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It is the same story for patients with high Cholesterol. Most snack items are fried in oil and are out of their reach. Brihatri’s Roasted and Salted Sunflower seeds are relatively safe for consumption.

They help increase good HDL cholesterol and reduce bad LDL cholesterol making them a loved product of those with bad cholesterol profiles.

This snack item is sun-dried, roasted and salted making it tastier to consume compared to the astringent raw seeds. The best part is, it retains most of the benefits of raw seeds.

This product is best to be consumed as part of the strict diet regimes recommended for cholesterol and diabetics and is not an alternative to the medicines prescribed for the respective disorders.


Brihatri Sunflower seeds (Roasted and Salted) are loaded with medicinal and nutritious benefits. This amazing snack item is loaded with vitamins like vitamin B1, vitamin E and vitamin B6.

It also contains essential minerals like selenium, copper, iron, potassium, manganese and zinc. It also has good amount of energy-boosting calories and carbohydrates. Added salt will increase the sodium levels in the product.


Roasted and Salted Sunflower seeds are the best source of proteins. Just a quarter of a cup of these seeds can contain as much as 6 grams of proteins.

This makes it a preferred snack item of those gym goers and body builders.  Proteins are regarded as the building blocks of the body and Brihatri Sunflower seeds are a powerhouse of these proteins.

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