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Christmas passed fast, ringing the bells of a new year in the folds. While the whole world must be busy planning and partying, here I was all alone scratching my head drowning in the burial of my awful white flakes.

The scalp scratchy and head itchy and the visible patches could be seen through the partitions of my hair. Dry scalp and dandruff have always been my problem but this time the aggravated scene has just snatched the peace of my head.

Being an art teacher, my profession demands that I maintain the balance and continue the stroke of my brushes without any break or distraction. So, on the first day of this New Year, I decided to get it over for once and all.

I walked down the road and visited the salon to chop off my lush mane. My hair was a part of my identity, sticking the pencil on my loosely tucked hair, lightly fondling the hair, pushing it on the back of my hair, but I had to let it all go before the damage gets too bad to reverse.

As I sat there on the salon chair with my heart aching and eyes teary, the hairstylist approached with his kit of tools. He looked at me and asked me if I was ok. In a breaking voice, I urged him to chop off my hair as short as possible.

Touching my tresses, checking the lustrous strands the hairstylist asked me why I wanted it so short. I bluntly lied that I get no time to care for all this hair on my head. He took a closer look and said the heart wrecking words, “Mam, you have dandruff”.

The tear fell off my cheeks and I broke into tears saying that it’s the reason I am chopping it off. The hairdresser suggested me just to trim my hair and dandruff shall be taken care off with a safe and effective Ayurvedic treatment using Dandrall oil and Brihatri Anti-dandruff shampoo.

Even at the bleakest of the hope I changed my decision and started the Ayurvedic treatment from the same day. In just three applications my scalp cleared and the scratching is calmed. The combo of Dandrall oil and Brihatri Anti-dandruff shampoo not just cleared the flakes but also nourished my hair and strengthened the strands.

I definitely recommend AyurvedicDandrall oil and Brihatri Anti Dandruff Shampoo for anyone with dandruff problems. The organic combo is widely available across all Ayurcentral stores.

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