castor oil benefits to eyes

castor oil

Eyes are the doors to one’s soul. Sparkling eyes and deep insight build up an intriguing personality. They offer you so much and it would be so unfair to not treat them right. Caress these incredible little balls of vision with the goodness of castor oil.

Eyes are such a powerful organ of the human body and we ought to take proper care to keep them healthy and functioning. Apart from concentrating on proper diet and giving them quality rest, there is something more that we can do to caress our prized possession. Ayurveda suggests applying a few drops of castor oil before bed aids in keeping the eyes healthy and beautiful.

Castor Oil
Castor oil is a very useful vegetable oil obtained from the castor bean seeds. In its pure form, it is devoid of any taste, color or odor.

Here we have compiled a list of benefits that castor oil offers for your eyes:

Moisturizes dryness of eyes:
Dry eye syndrome is mainly caused by a lack of adequate moisture and lubrication in the eyes. It results in constant eye irritation and may also cause blurry vision at times. Castor oil is one of the best known natural remedies for dry eyes used for centuries. It lubricates the eyes and keeps the eyes moist. Just two drops of this magical oil in each eye will do the work.

Treats Cataracts:
A cataract is a clouding and deterioration of the eyes’ lens which leads to a decrease in vision. It generally develops slowly, and in the early stages, it can be easily cured using castor oil. Castrol oil is the ancient cure for cataracts before the venture of surgery. Just a drop of this oil before bed dissolves the cataract in the eye. However, for treating cataract cross-check that you are using 100% pure Castrol oil only.

Prevents Dark Circles
The skin around the eyes is very tender and can form wrinkles or dark circles easily. Massaging the skin around the eyes relaxes the eye muscles, boosts blood circulation, and prevents dark circles and wrinkles.

Prevents Eye Infections
Eyes are very delicate and can get infections easily. Castor oil is blessed with the anti-microbial property that destroys the germs and cures the infection. It is very effective in treating conjunctivitis and its allies.

Reduces Inflammation
Being in action all the time, our eyes get tired and strained. Just a few drops of the Castrol oil cool it down. Castor oil has an anti-inflammatory characteristic which soothes the burning sensation and irritation in the eyes. It also reduces redness or swelling of the eyes.

Long Beautiful Eyelashes
Beautiful eyes are accessorized by thick long eyelashes and they don’t have to be fake always. Just like our hair, even eyelashes shed from time to time. Castor oil boosts hair growth and strengthens the strains. It is capable of growing and thickening eyelashes. It keeps the lashes healthy and resilient by providing it with ample nutrients.



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