karpooradi taila

karpooradi taila

Karpooradi Taila is a mystic Ayurvedic composition prepared with Karpoor (camphor) as the main ingredient in coconut or sesame oil as the base. Karpoor is an excellent healer gifted by nature. An indispensable element of our religious rituals, Karpoor is blessed with an alluring fragrance that drives away all the negative energies.

The thick composition of rich nutrients penetrates deep into the skin and acts as a lubricant that relieves muscle and joint pains, enhances blood circulation by clearing blockages. 

In Ayurvedic therapeutic treatments, Karpooradi Taila has garnered an esteemed stature as an effective pain reliever. Karpooradi Taila massage is often advised for soothing painful muscles and joints. Its pleasing aroma calms the mind and the body giving a relaxed feeling.

Health Benefits of Karpooradi Taila

Pain Relief
A crusader of pain, this magnificent lubricant is blessed with diaphoretic, stimulant, antiseptic, analgesic, fungicide and anti-inflammatory properties. Its cooling tendency acts as anesthesia providing instant relief in pain. The beatific composition of Karpooradi Taila helps in treating pain and cramps in the body, muscular rheumatism, numbness, joint pain and stiffness of muscles or joints. Karpooradi taila also helps relieve neck pain, arthritis, and frozen shoulder.

Treats Congestion
Karpooradi Taila provides instant relief to chest congestion. It breaks down the mucus build-up in the chest and cures congestion. It is highly used as a base for manufacturing vapor rubs. It can be applied on the chest to reduce nasal and chest congestion.

Blood Circulation
The rubefacient effect of Karpooradi taila improves blood circulation and regulates body temperature. It is an anti-neuralgic and soothing agent for nerves that clears any nerve blockage.

It relaxes the muscle tendons and makes you feel active by driving away any sort of sluggishness.

Migraine Reliever
The Karpooradi taila acts as a cooling agent and relieves migraine pain when applied on the forehead. It is an instant but temporary relief to migraine woes.

Relieves Swelling
The anti-irritant and anti-inflammation characteristics of Karpooradi Taila help cure swelling. Its anesthetic property causes numbness of sensory nerve endings and helps in relieving pain and inflammation.

Relieves Skin Trouble
Coconut oil based Karpooradi Oil works well for skin diseases soothing any itching or burning sensation on the skin.

Induce Sleep
The soothing aroma of Karpooradi taila relaxes the body and the mind. It induces deep sleep and keeps away bad dreams. 

Take a few drops of the warm oil on your fingertips and rub gently over the affected area.

It can also be used for a thorough full-body massage.


Karpooradi oil is exclusively used as massage oil specifically administered for external use only. Camphor is toxic in nature when consumed internally and may cause several hazards.

Do a patch test to check compatibility. Check for any irritation or rash on the skin on the tested area.

Store in an airtight container away from heat.

Keep it away from children’s reach, camphor ingestion is highly poisonous.

It is not recommended for broken, damaged skin or burned skin.

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