Craving for yummy milkshakes? Dr. Sneha Pai says that it might not be a good idea!

Craving for yummy milkshakes

Milkshakes and smoothies are the trendsetters of our generation. Well, however you try to make them healthy, them might still be wrong for you. Read about the how from our Ayurvedic doctor.

Craving for yummy milkshakes:

When you go out in hot sun and see a glass of cold and creamy milkshakes, you are tempted to drink it but wait!! is it really healthy? According to Ayurveda, fruit milkshakes are viruddha ahara (incompatible food combination) and are unhealthy.

Fruit milkshakes are popular among all age groups. Being labelled as rich in nutrition are healthy, parents opt these when kids refuse to have milk or fruit alone. Fruits tend to be ushna virya (hot potency) and milk is sheeta virya (cold potency). Being opposite in their potency, they lead to curdling in stomach and becomes the reason for bloating and indigestion.

Smoothies are thicker version of milkshakes. By definition its a thin, smooth drink of fresh fruit blended with milk, yogurt or ice cream.They are often taken as breakfast or after gym drink. They are considered as rich in nutrition and low in calories. But beware, they are also unhealthy like milkshake.

Hence be wise and consume milk and fruits separately with a time gap of minimum 30 minutes. Sharing this information with your family and friends will keep them informed.

Dr.Sneha Pai
Ayurcentral Ananthnagar

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