Dandrall Oil for Dandruff

Dandrall Oil

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

This is one powerful statement that I religiously follow. While some might infer this statement as a great piece of philosophy that speaks of good deeds turning a foe into admirer but I personally think this to be a subtle hint to the power of words. It’s the words that can cause more damage than the most powerful weapons.

I can say this with such certainty for I know the tyranny the words can cause in one’s head. I have been on the receiving side of the debacle for long enough to know what damage words and actions can cause.

The recent incident that caused an outburst in me was during one of my painting classes. The painting class was my place of zen where I let my thoughts flow and brush follow. I just love the splashes of colour and the feel of creating an art on a blank page.

After the class, as we were talking in our round-table conference kind of group gossip, my so-called friend leaned forward, reached to me and twitched the tiny flakes off my shoulders. She then citing some fake concern she said, “Arey, Don’t you wash your hair? You have got so much dandruff. It’s bad for the hair”.

The whole group stared at me with a dirty glance of shame and I could hardly gather myself to come up with a reply. It was devastating to be shamed and shunned. It’s the dirty games of politics that people play. Just like the U.S President brushed off the dandruff on Emmanuel Macron, the French leader’s coat.

It was no friendship or concern but just a way to demean the other. I felt sad and depressed and cried the whole way back. Looking at my misery my mother immediately took me to her Ayurvedic expert who recommended Dandrall oil and Brihatri Anti-dandruff shampoo to get a clear scalp.

He also counselled me for a bit to build my shattered confidence and to make me understand that it does not matter what others say, do or think. It’s my way of response and not their poor taste of judgement that would define me.

I got the dandrall oil and Brihatri Anti Dandruff shampoo from my nearest Ayurcentral store and just after first three washes, my scalp got all clear.

The filth of my flakes was gone but the filth in people’s mind still bothers me a lot.

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