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Dental care is an important part of our daily routine. We start our day by brushing our teeth. But is brushing enough to ensure your dental health?

Well, no!

There are a lot of things that make this morning routine effective. Like choosing the right toothpaste, moving the brush correctly, using a tongue cleaner and floss. Also, for optimal oral health, it is important to eat right and to rinse your mouth every time after eating. 


Here we have sorted the best Ayurvedic dental care tools that will help you get that sparkling smile.


4 Best Ayurvedic formulations for dental care


GT Ex Tooth Powder – Kumar

GT Ex Tooth Powder is an herbal tooth powder for complete dental care. It is made of bitter and astringent herbs that help to fight microbes. Its fine grains ensure no harm to teeth muscles. It strengthens gum and teeth. 

GT Ex tooth powder is indicated to correct dental caries, sensitivity and bleeding gums. It prevents microbial build-up in the oral cavity and prevents dental caries. Prevents sensitivity. 

GT Ex tooth powder is completely natural and fluoride-free. Fluoride causes permanent tooth discolouration, stomach ailments and skin rash. It is also sugar and salt-free. Salt is abrasive to the teeth enamel and sugar causes decay due to bacteria.


Teerex Gel Tooth Paste – Kudos Ayurveda


Teerex Gel Tooth Paste is a unique herbal formulation used to cleanse teeth and correct oral cavity. This Ayurvedic medicated formula relieves tooth pain and strengthens gum. This herbal paste is safe and suitable for children as well. It is ideal for sensitive teeth.

Teerex Gel is a unique formulation of different herbs that are antibacterial, gum tightening and immunizing in effects that provide a complete all-around dental care. It aids in treating bleeding gums. Battling bad breath and overcoming sensitive teeth. 

Teerex Gel Toothpaste is highly effective in pyorrhoea, bleeding gums, and bad breath. It destroys the plaque build-up and helps to maintain the whiteness. This paste refreshes your mouth instantly. It relieves mouth ulcers and clean stains of tobacco. 



Bakul Dant Dhawan – The Ayurvedeeya Arkashala Limited


Bakul Dant Dhawan is an herbal toothpowder specially formulated to maintain oral health. It helps to treat disorders of teeth and gum.  Bakul Dant Dhawan is very effective in treating bleeding gums, toothache, dental caries and bad breath. 

Ingredients of this powder strengthen gums and teeth.  It acts as germicidal and heals oral ulcers. Reduces bad breath. Improves oral health. Controls bleeding gums and reduce pyorrhoea.

Bakul Dant Dhawan ensures total dental health and hygiene. It fights cavities, pyorrhea, bleeding gums, gingivitis, sensitive teeth and cleans teeth. This herbal toothpaste strengthens teeth and gums.



Dant Sudha Ayurvedic Toothpaste – Jaffman


Dant Sudha Ayurvedic Toothpaste is an herbal toothpaste. It contains potent herbs that protect the teeth and gum from harmful bacteria. It removes yellow tartar. It can cure bad breath in a single day trial.

Its antibiotic properties kill the bacteria that cause receding gum line. It reverses receding gums. This Ayurvedic toothpaste is fluoride-free and triclosan-free. It does not contain any artificial colours or dyes. It prevents infection or caries. Strengthens the gums. Helps to have strong teeth.


Ayurveda in dental care

Ayurveda has introduced multiple ways to maintain dental health with chewing sticks, herbal formulations and oil pulling. Ayurvedic texts mentioned natural tools with medicinal and anti-cariogenic properties. 

Ayurveda recommends chewing sticks in the morning as well as after every meal to prevent diseases. Ayurveda hails Amla as a general rebuilder of oral health. Bakula stabilizes collagen and strengthens the gum tissue. Liquorice root promotes anti-cavity action, reduces plaque, and has an antibacterial effect.

These and many other Ayurvedic herbs help in maintaining optimum dental health. Ayurveda also hails oil pulling for oral care. Oil pulling is a procedure that involves swishing oil in the mouth for oral and systemic health benefits.



10 Natural Tips for dental care


·  Brush at least twice a day.

·  Use Dental floss for better care.

·  The tongue cleaner is essential.

·  Change your toothbrush every two to three months.

·  Don’t brush aggressively.

·  Avoid excessive candy and sugars.

·  Chew a neem twig.

·  Use garlic, rock salt, guava and mango for cleaning the enamel.

·  Practice oil pulling with sesame or coconut oil.

·  Chewing a clove after meals is good for teeth and gums.

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