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Diazen tablets

Diazen tablets

Diazen tablets are prepared exclusively from herbal ingredients which are mentioned in ayurvedic literature for treating madhumeha or diabetes. It is prepared by an amalgamation of herbs like bitter gourd, giloy, turmeric, fenugreek seeds, gudsar extracts and other medicinal herbal extracts which have the potential to reduce blood sugar levels, boost pancreatic function and improve insulin production. Diazen tablets are equally effective for type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is largely caused due to the inability of the pancreas to produce insulin. Insulin is vital to break down carbs and sugar molecules in the food and to absorb the nutrients in them into the system. Diazen tablets provide complete nourishment to the pancreas. It improves pancreatic function and helps in breaking down of glucose. 

Diazen tablets improve metabolism. Improved metabolism means faster breaking down of carbohydrates which also help reduce blood sugar levels. This tablet also helps reduce the levels of LDL cholesterols in the body. Keeping cholesterol in check prevents diabetic wounds and skin diseases which occur due to diabetics. 


Diazen tablets can also be consumed alongside allopathic diabetic medications for improved control of blood sugar levels. Many people struggle to maintain optimum blood sugar levels even after taking allopathic diabetes management medications. Even with insulin injected many fail to maintain ideal blood sugar level. Diazen tablets can act as an herbal supplement for such people to reduce their blood sugar levels. This ayurvedic tablet might also improve one’s receptivity to insulin. 


Diazen tablets are also loaded with herbs which are rich in anti-oxidants. The powerful anti-oxidizing property helps promote pancreatic functions and improves metabolism. Diazen tablets can also act as a potent immunity booster. Diabetic patients tend to be less immune to diseases. Allopathic medicines which control diabetes do not offer any direct immunity enhancements. Diazen tablets are powered by powerful immunity boosters like turmeric, giloy, neem and ashwagandha which helps improve overall immunity besides helping in the management of diabetes.

Unlike allopathic medicines which are prepared with artificially sourced ingredients and treat only the primary symptom, ayurvedic medicines not only treat the symptoms but also act as a complete tonic and aims to restore overall balance in the body.


Bitter gourd is the primary ingredient in Diazen tablets. In Ayurveda, bitter taste is considered the most medicinal. It is the only taste which has ether element in it. Most diseases are because of a deficiency in ether element in the body which can be fixed by consuming bitter gourd. Many modern scientific studies have also shown the efficacy of bitter gourd in lowering blood sugar levels.

Ashwagandha, turmeric, giloy and neem are powerful immunity boosters. They all have proven efficacies in various scientific studies in helping to control blood sugar levels. Alongside these exotic herbal extracts, Bael fruit extracts with its loaded vitamins and minerals are also an integral component of Diazen tablets. Gudsar plant extracts known for its efficacy in managing diabetes is also an ingredient in this medicine.

Fenugreek seeds, a miracle ayurvedic anti-diabetic ingredient are also a part of Diazen tablets.

The combination of these powerful ayurvedic herbs makes Diazen tablets an ideal diabetic control medicine.


It is normally recommended to consume one tablet at a time two times a day after meals. It is best to maintain an equal time frame of about 11-13 hours between two doses.

Those who consume this tablet alongside allopathic medicines should keep an eye on their blood sugar levels, to prevent hypoglycemia.

It is strictly advised to consume this medicine after consultations with an ayurvedic physician.

It is advisable for people who do not have diabetes to avoid consuming this tablet, though it is less likely to cause any adverse side effects.


Keep out of the reach of children.

For gestational diabetes, this medicine should be consumed only under medical supervision at the advice of a doctor.

Lactating mothers are advised to consume this medicine only after consultations with an ayurvedic doctor. 

People with hypoglycemia or low blood sugar levels are strictly advised to not consume this medicine. Diazen tablets can further decrease blood sugar levels in such people and cause fatigue. In such scenarios, quickly consume a few teaspoons of sugar or jaggery or chew a few candies.


This is the number one reason why you should choose ayurvedic medicines like diazen whenever possible. Diazin tablets have reported no adverse side effects for far.

They are powered by herbal ingredients and are absolutely safe for long term consumption. Allopathic diabetes medicines tend to show adverse effects on the kidneys of an individual on long term consumption.


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