Dr.Jain’s Indigo powder 

Indigo powder 

Indigo or Neel has been used in traditional Indian medicines for more than 15 centuries. In ancient times Indigo was widely cultivated in Indian states of Orissa, Bihar, Sindh and parts of modern day Gujarat. The introduction of modern artificial Indigo has hampered the cultivation of this plant in India in modern times. The commercial and industrial demands of Indigo cultivation have fallen but the medicinal value of true Indigo will last forever. It is because of its medicinal benefits that this plant is still not extinct from our agricultural fields. There are many medicinal benefits of Indigo. Charaka Samhita, a fifth century text written by “the father of Indian Medicinal Sciences” Acharya Charaka mentions Indigo as one of the herbs recommended in the treatment of baldness. The treatise also propagates the use of Indigo as a hair dye and for enhanced hair health. Historically many Indigo was in great demand amongst ancient Indian royal families for its use as a hair dye. Dr.Jain’s Forest Herbals Private Limited brings this rare, exotic ancient herb for the benefit of consumers looking for healthy options to cover their silvers and to darken their salt ‘n’ peppers.

The minimum age for the first grey hair has hastened from early 40s to the 20s and now many teenagers in their 10s notice first shades of grey in their black forest toppings. Our food habits, environment, quality of water, pollution and many other factors, most of them outside our control might be indicated as reasons for this. It sure is important for the society to address these adverse changes in human beings from a different collective dimension. That does not mean people who are already affected are searching for solutions to cover their whites in the healthiest manner possible.

Most hair dyes available in the market today are made up of chemicals. These do a perfect job of temporarily covering the whites but turn out to be a complete let down in the long run as they increase hair fall. Many unfortunate people have tried use these chemical dyes to cover their white hairs and in the process lost most of their hair. On many occasions baldness is one way and non-reversible. 

The search for a healthy hair dye, which will not lead to hair fall in the long run, ends here. Dr.Jain’s Indigo powder can be used as a natural dye which will help cover one’s silvers as well as nourish the scalp and improve hair health. This natural herbal powder is completely free of toxic chemicals and hence will have zero side effects. Dr.Jain’s Indigo is healthy for the hair and scalp and also covers your dye, true but the best part is it lasts longer than most chemical dyes. It can also be mixed with henna to get a different shade on one’s hair.


According to many ayurvedic physicians, treating one’s scalp with Indigo powder can help in preventing and slowing down of premature greying of the hair. In some cases it might also help in reversal of premature greying.

Dr. Jain’s Indigo powder can help improve hair growth, especially the speed of growth.

It is also effective in eliminating and preventing dandruff formation on the hair.

Dr.Jain’s claim their product to be useful in relieving burning sensations.

They also claim it can help in wound healing and act as an anti-helminthic.

Dr.Jain’s Indigo powder can be mixed with your hair oil to get texture to your hair. The oil will help keep dry scalp away. Indigo leaf oil is also useful in keeping dry scalp at bay.

It shall be used externally to heal wounds and burns.

Using Dr. Jain Indigo powder can help in reliving headaches which occur due to over exposure to hot sun.


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