Falaa gold capsules for healthy baby


Falaa Gold Capsules from Ban Labs is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine used to improve the health of pregnant women. It supplies pregnant women with all the necessary nutrients for wholesome nourishment during pregnancy. It also nourishes the offspring and ensures the development of a healthy baby in the womb. Falaa Gold is one of the best supplements to gift a pregnant woman to help her stay healthy and happy.

Falaa Gold by Ban Labs is prepared exclusively from ingredients mentioned in the ancient ayurvedic texts. Shivalinga Bheej, Putrajeevika Bheej and Garbhapala Ras are for the overall nourishment of pregnant women and for a healthy development of the baby in the womb. This is made of herbal and naturally occurring ingredients and hence is completely devoid of side effects.

Pregnancy is amongst the most auspicious and most important events in life. This joyous occasion, however, does come only with its own set of challenges. Keeping the health of the pregnant woman and the offspring is a challenging task for the family and in many traditional Indian families, careers of the family are compromised to nourish the pregnant woman. Falaa Gold capsules come to the rescue. These capsules are prepared from a rational combination of ingredients and are presented in an easy to consume capsule form. Now providing wholesome nourishment during pregnancy is the easiest thing to do thanks to Fala Gold capsules.


Putrajeevika Bheej is an herb widely used in ayurvedic medicines. The name literally means ‘that gives life to progeny’. This herb is very effective in providing wholesome nourishment to women. It helps treat female infertility and is also a uterine tonic. It has antispasmodic and aphrodisiac properties. It is the best herb to tackle recurrent abortion.

Shivlingi Bheej is best known for enhancing fertility. They improve uterine tissue, manage the menstrual cycle, and boost the efficiency of ovarian follicles.  Shivlingi Bheej also has an abortive effect, so they should be consumed only under medical supervision during pregnancy. Shivlingi seed has a positive impact on male fertility. .Preclinical trials have indicated an increase in testosterone levels and overall sperm count.  Shivlingi Bheej has strong antipyretic properties and is used in the treatment of fever. It also has a tonic effect on the body providing overall nourishment, reducing fatigue and fever-related exhaustion. Shivlingi paste is traditionally used to help relieve constipation. This herb also has anti-microbial properties.

Gharbhapala Ras is an ayurvedic mixture used widely in use across Indian ayurvedic medical practices. It is used as a puerperal care tonic to help in the post-childbirth recovery of mothers. It is also used in treating bleeding and fever during pregnancy. The name of the medicine literally translates to “pregnancy nourisher”.

These three are the main ingredients of Falaa Gold capsules. Jeeraka, Muktapisti, and Pravalapisti are amongst the other minor ingredients. Gold leaf is present in traces.

The combination of these powerful ayurvedic herbs and minerals in the right proportion make this herb a powerful pregnancy tonic.


Falaa Gold capsules are used to treat nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.

It is also indicated for hyperemesis gravidarum

Falaa gold capsules are made up of powerful herbs, minerals, and spice which and are packed with all necessary micro-nutrients for better nourishment of the mother and of the offspring.

This capsule has the potential to improve microcirculation to uterine tissue resulting in enriched nutrition.

It is also indicated to help in habitual abortions.


It is normally recommended to consume two tablets on an empty stomach in the morning with cow’s milk. It is recommended to consume this medicine only after consulting with an ayurvedic physician.

It is recommended to not consume any food for two hours after this medicine.

This medicine might react with allopathic drugs and hence it is recommended to consume this at least 45 minutes after consuming allopathic drugs or consume allopathic medicines 2 hours after consuming this medicine or as recommended by the physician.

This is a specific action capsule and hence should be consumed only under medical supervision

This medicine is normally recommended for 10 days. A maximum period of up to 2 months is recommended.


This medicine has no side effects when consumed in limited doses. However, an overdose can be fatal to both the mother and child, and hence it is best to consume it only under medical supervision.


It is recommended to consume a lot of white nutrients like white rice, milk, and dairy products and white fruits in plenty during the course of consuming this medicine.


This medicine has gold leaf extracts which are purified and made safe to consume as per standards set by Ayurveda.

It is powerful medicine and hence should be consumed in a regulated manner under medical supervision


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