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Life is all about balance! Be it your body, mind or soul, balance is very important to be your best self and realize the powers you are blessed with. But juggling between the meagre errands of life we often forget this very basic principle of nature. We oppress our body with stress, strain, bad food habits and unhealthy lifestyle which spells a curse to our well being.

Because of our lack of care for the abode of our soul, the body turns acidic which is a dweller of many chronic and fatal diseases. Maintaining the right balance of acid and alkali in the body is essential for its proper functioning. 

Benefits of Alkalising the Body

It protects Bone Density and Muscle Mass

An alkaline body has lower risk for hypertension and stroke

Lowers Chronic Pain and Inflammation

Boosts Vitamin Absorption and Prevents Magnesium Deficiency

Helps Improve Immune Function 

Prevents Cancer and other fatal diseases

Helps in Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Mr. Otto Warburg won the the nobel prize in 1931 for proving that

“No disease including cancer can exist in an alkaline environment”.

So, how to achieve the perfect pH balance? The answer is obvious through a healthy alkaline diet. There are many foods that boost the alkaline environment in the body. Let’s check out some amazing food stuffs that alkalizes and detoxifies the body naturally.

Foods that promote alkalinity of the body

Fruits and veggies are loaded with essential nutrients that promotes alkalinity and nourishes the body from within, Some of the amazing fruits and veggies include mushrooms, citrus, dates, raisins, spinach, grapefruit, tomatoes, avocado, summer black radish, alfalfa grass, barley grass, cucumber, kale, jicama, wheat grass, broccoli, oregano, garlic, ginger, green beans, endive, cabbage, celery, red beet, watermelon, figs and ripe bananas.


Broccoli is a quintessential healthy food that is, that boosts the alkaline level of the body. 


Apart from its unending list of health benefits, it tops the chart of food in terms of alkalizing effects on the body.


Artichokes are great food that helps to raise your body’s pH levels. Artichokes are full of antioxidants, and help purify the liver, aiding digestion.


The green grass has a myriad of benefits that makes it an essential item. It is one of the rare foods that has the strongest alkalising powers. 


Apart from working wonders on the skin and eyes they also help in maintaining the pH balance of the body. 


Apricots are a delicious fruit that fit perfectly into an alkaline diet. Ladened with fibre and other essential nutrients apricots are just the best food to have.


Rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, and many other vitamins and minerals, spinach is a great alkalizing food. 


The tiny delicious fruit is great for an alkaline diet. Brimmed with powerful antioxidants, fibre, Vitamin C and many other nutrients they work wonder for the system.


This super food helps in attaining the required alkaline balance and shields the body from many potent ailments.

Green drinks 

Green drinks made from veggies and herbs are loaded with alkaline-forming foods and chlorophyll. 

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