Natural Remedies For Get Rid Of Chin Fat

Every face is crafted beautifully and it is our utmost duty to maintain that beauty intact. While they say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but the real satisfaction comes when the mirror says the same. A fatty face with a double chin is definitely something that needs some work to do.

Though there are many beautification treatments that can give a completely new look, but the cost and risk associated are too high to stake. Fortunately, Ayurveda has revealed the mystery behind the perfection of ancient Indian beauties and their natural beauty secrets that worked seamlessly in getting that bold, beautiful and perfect look.

What causes chin fat?

Bad food choices, sedentary lifestyle, being overweight, lack of sleep and exercise and poor blood circulation, as well as weakening of facial muscles, are the major causes of fat accumulation on face and chins.

Ditch the chin fat in Ayurvedic way


Facial yoga is the best way to get a toned slim face naturally. These asanas stimulate and tones the face and neck muscles giving it a sharper chiselled look. It works amazingly in reducing double chin giving a natural facelift and a leaner appearance to the face.  Here are some of the yoga asanas that would gently take care of the stubborn chin fat. 

Simha Mudra

Jivha Bandha 

Jalandhar Bandha

Fish Face

Mouthwash Technique

Cheek Uplift

Chin Lift

Neck Roll 

Lip Pull 

Jaw Release 

Blowing Air 

Ayurvedic Ways to bid bye to the double chin

Massaging the face with warm cocoa butter ensures proper hydration that helps to maintain elasticity, plumpness and resiliency of the skin 

A mask of egg white is ladened with Vitamin A which helps improve the resilience of the skin.

Glycerine keeps the skin healthy and tight by hydrating it. Regular use of glycerine aids in improving skin elasticity and moisture.

Vitamin E is a boon for the skin. Massaging the face with vitamin E oil enhances the elasticity of your skin and reduces face fat.

Applying milk on the face lends several essential nutrients that tone-up and tighten the skin. It also acts as an anti-aging agent that helps retain the elasticity of the skin. 

Hot towel treatment causes your facial skin to sweat. It aids in reducing facial fat whilst tightening and rejuvenating skin.

A clay mask just works wonder for the skin. It increases collagen level of the skin and tightens the skin preventing it from sagging. Natural clay masks give a slimmer look to the face. 

Curcumin in turmeric has anti aging properties which assist to maintain healthy skin. 

Cucumber can help to reduce the bloated face. It gives you a youthful and refreshed skin. 

Massage the neck using the wheat germ oil. It nourishes the skin as well as tightens the skin under the chin area.

Scientific take on Ayurveda for combating chin fat

Ayurveda is the holistic science for uplifting the quality of life in all aspects. It employs all natural and herbal techniques to enhance health and spirit of life. Scientific studies have backed the fact that practicing the basic yoga movements and following the skin care regime religiously is guaranteed to give desired results in a couple of months.

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