Urinary Tract Infection


Sandu Pharmaceuticals Ltd with over 100 years of experience in manufacturing and marketing Ayurvedic medicines offers you “Gokhru Kadha”. It has diuretic, lithotriptic, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving action. It cuts stones into tiny bits and then flushes them out. It offers relief from the symptoms of fluid overload, dysuria, hematuria, and heat. If used frequently it also prevents stone recurrence in kidneys. It also relieves calculus-associated distress.



Small Caltrops also known in Indian languages as Gokhru, Gokshura, Neggilu or Nerinjil are renowned in Ayurvedic and Siddha systems for their ability to treats all kinds of kidney and urinary tract related disorders.

Gokshura is obtained from the thorny dry fruits of the herb whose scientific name is Tribulus Terrestris and is found in abundance across Southern Europe, South Asia, Africa and Australia. The host of active constituents, alkaloids, and phytosterols make this herb an effective aphrodisiac and diuretic remedy. In addition to urinary problems, Gokshura is beneficial for a variety of problems like low water retention ability, hair loss, rheumatic pain, neural issues, headache, fatigue, obesity, menstruation, piles, urinating in bed, and eye problems.

Gokshura is the main component used to treat urinary disorders, PCOS, prostate gland problems, kidney problems and heart ailments. It also helps develop muscle mass, increase brain function, and boost libido in all genders. Since the herb has sharp thorns, it has earned the name trikanta or mulluchedi or puncture vine which is hard enough to even puncture a bicycle tire.

Charaka Samhita and Sarangadhar Samhita’s Ayurvedic scriptures explicitly advocate the use of this effective formulation to alleviate urinary tract disorder. It is also extremely useful for urinary calculus, constipation, abdominal colic, dyspepsia, bloating, urinary obstruction, digestive fire improvements, gastrointestinal support, abdominal tumors, ascites, hernia, hemorrhoids, and many other disorders



For all its major benefits, Gokhru has many subspecies some subspecies are not advised for consumption (Example: Yanai Nerinjil in Tamil Nadu) and it requires an expert Siddha or Ayurveda practitioner to identify the right Gokhru for you. Sandu Pharmaceuticals with their expertise and 100+ years of experience help get the best Gokhru processed and prepared for your east consumption.



Aphrodisiac: With aphrodisiac properties, Gokhru helps to raise the body’s libido levels and helps improve sexual desire.

Saptadhatu Nourishment: Like other aphrodisiacs, Gokhru also nourishes all seven dhatus or vital tissues to reach Shukra dhatu and hence acts as a complete tonic and total rejuvenator to the body.

Diuretic actions: In addition, Gokhru promotes diuretic properties and helps treat urinary diseases. The herb helps to improve the functions of the urinary system by helping cleanse the urinary bladder completely.

Anti-aging Properties: Dietary supplementation of Gokhru will gradually make your skin appear younger, slowing down the aging process.

Neuroprotective properties: Efficient in preventing the minor and major neurological disorders at bay, this herb serves as a neuroprotective when routinely consumed

Anti-Inflammatory: Gokhru acts well as an anti-inflammatory herb, used in the treatment of fistula (an improper connection between the organs) and piles.





Sandu Pharmaceuticals recommend 4-6 teaspoons of Gokharu Kadha 2-3 a day to get the best results.

It however is better to consult an ayurvedic doctor for personalized doses to suit your body type and mental state.

People with liver disorders should not consume Gokhru products

It is also not recommended for pregnant women and small children because of its high potency.



  • Urinary Calculus
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Hematuria
  • Oliguria
  • Glomerulonephritis
  • Semen Disorders
  • Kidney detox



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