At least 10 million people report Peripheral Neuropathy every year in India. Nuro XT is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine to treat and cure Diabetic and Peripheral Neuropathy.

Are you a diabetic person experiencing numbness in your feet and hands? Did you meet with any major accident and then start feeling this weird numbness? In either case it is likely that your allopathic physician has already termed your disease to be chronic, lifelong and incurable. To give you a glimmer of hope Green Remedies introduces Nuro XT, a formula derived from Ayurvedic ingredients to treat most of your neurological disorders.


Nuro XT is enriched with four specially formulated rasas or mixtures all of which are standalone treatments for neurological disorders. The selected proportioned mixture of all these topped with the enriching benefits of Shuddha Shilajit and Sida Cordifolia makes it one of the best available remedies for treating Peripheral Neuropathy and similar diseases.

Ekangaveera Rasa, one of the major ingredients is recommended by Ayurvedic physicians in the treatment of facial palsy, neurosis, paralysis, hemiplegia, branchial neuralgia, cervical spondylosis and other neuromuscular conditions. It relieves pain in the nerves and stimulates the dormant nerves and activates the nervous system.

Mahavata Vidwamsana Rasa is very powerful ayurvedic formula used to alleviate many Vata-related disorders including epilepsy, paralysis, splenic disorders, bloating and hemorrhoids. This formulation in itself is a panacea for rejuvenating the nervous system and is used in sciatica, cervical spondylitis, nerve irritation, pain and discomfort and other neuropathic illness.

Vata Kulantaka Rasa is another vata pacifying mixture used to treat epilepsy and facial palsy.

Vata Ganjankusha Rasa is a highly beneficial formula for all diseases related to the muscles and nerves. Apart from the nerve problems listed under Maha Vata Vidwamsana Rana, this also treats muscle related issues including cramps and thigh muscle stiffness.

This coupled with herbs like Shuddha Shilajit and Sida Cordifolia which are useful in treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, insomnia, altitude sickness and flu apart from rejuvenating properties make Nuro XT nectar of a medicine.




It is the best medicine to treat neurological disorders that arise due to diabetes.

Almost 10 million cases of Peripheral neuropathy are reported every year in India and conventional medicine doctors will tell you there is no cure. Nuro XT is an ayurvedic formula tailor-made for you.

If you have ever experienced pains running down from your lower back to either one or both of your legs, you might be a victim of a condition called sciatica. Nuro XT is one of the best medicines to cure sciatica.

It is also useful in inter-verbal disc prolapse.

It is highly beneficial in treating damage or irritation in the nerves.

Nuro XT can also be beneficial in treating patients under partial paralysis.

Bell’s palsy is a condition where you experience a sudden weakness of muscles in one half of the face. Nuro XT helps treat this condition.

It can also help cure cramps, sprains, and stiffness in the muscles.

It can treat inflammations in the vertebrae (spinal column).

Nuro XT cures pain in the arms arising out of the improper functioning of the nerves.


This drug contains some heavily processed and purified metals which help to quickly cure your condition but that makes it dangerous to overdose, hence it is advised to consume only after the recommendations of an ayurvedic physician.

Pregnant women, lactating mothers and children are generally recommended very mild doses. It is strongly advised to know your dosage from a physician.

No side effects has been reported while consumed in prescribed doses but a continuous regular overdose over a period of time can cause stomach and liver disorders.


It is generally recommended to have one or two tablets, two or three times a day. It is normally expected to show results in two weeks. The maximum duration normally recommended by physicians is six to eight weeks.

Ayurvedic medicines are to be consumed only as per the make-up of one’s own body, mind and spiritual orientation hence it is highly recommended to consult an ayurvedic physician to get your personalized doses.

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