Hamsapathyadi kashayam FOR THYROID DISORDERS

Hamsapathyadi Kashayam (Hansapadiadi kashaya) is an ayurvedic medicine prepared from indigenous herbs like vasa and hamsapadyi for relief from hyperthyroidism and goiter.


Atleast 10 million people report thyroid related diseases every year in India. Most of them opt for allopathic treatment but in allopathy there is not specific cure for thyroid. Doctors might even tell u that the disease is only treatable and not curable i.e it can be life-long. For such chronic diseases it is difficult to opt for allopathic drugs because the chemicals used in such medicines though effective to treat the condition might cause dangerous side effects in the long term. Hamsapathyadi Kashayam(Hansapadiadi kashaya) is an herbal alternative to your thyroid management. It is made up of herbs (some of) which have been scientifically validated for efficacy in treating hyperthyroidism. The kashayam is also completely free from chemicals.




Hamsapathyadhi Kashayam(Hansapadiadi kashaya) is prepared by a mixture of hamsapadi, vasa, guduchi, pippali and nimba.


Hamsapadi plant is traditionally used in treatment of hyperthyroidism.  It is a thyroid gland regulator and hence is effective in both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. It also relieves the symptoms of hyperthyroidism like nervousness, hyperactivity, sensitivity to heat, anxiety and irritation. It helps strengthen the muscles which weaken due to improper functioning of thyroid gland and also induces better sleep. Mood swings that are a regular feature of hyperthyroid patients are also minimized on regular consumption of hamsapadi plant extracts. Hamspadi extracts form up to 20% of the ingredients in hamsapadi kashayam(Hansapadiadi kashaya).


Vasaka is a tall, dense, evergreen shrub abundantly available in most parts of Asia. Yellow coloured bark, white to purple colored flowers, lance-shaped leaves and fruits with club-shaped capsules are the characteristics of a vasa plant. Vasa possess a wide spectrum of medicinal properties including positive effects on inflammatory diseases. It is also effective in treating hyperthyroidism. It pacifies the thyroid glands and helps to regulate it back to normal levels.


Guduchi is one of the best ayurvedic herbs which promote balance in the body. It helps restore balance in the body. It is amongst the best immunity boosters and is a highly effective saptadhatu nourisher. It nurtures all seven dhatus and reenergizes the entire body. It the process of balancing all bodily function its can also help regulate the thyroid gland. It also helps restore balance of the tridosas which is also important in alleviating diseases. 


In 2002, researchers from Indore in their paper titled “HOW SAFE IS NEEM EXTRACT WITH RESPECT TO THYROID FUNCTION IN MALE MICE?” have shown that neem extracts are highly effective in bringing down hyperthyroidism in rats. There have been many more researches on similar lines since of the efficacy of neem to treat hyperthyroidism is fairly established. Neem has strong anti-microbial properties. It also helps restore a lot of bodily functions. Symptoms of hyperthyroidism like irregular menstrual cycles, greater sensitivity to cold and dry skin are relieved by Neem extracts.


The efficacy of Pippali extracts to be used as an adjuvant in treating hyperthyroidism was established by a study titled “Evaluation of Kanchanar Guggulu, Vardhamana Pippali and Lekhanar Basti in the treatment of Hyperthyroidism”. The study noted fair amount of relief on a group of 15 patients who were treated with a mixture of Pippali and Guggulu in a matter of 30 days.


Thus, the combination of five ingredients, all of which have high efficacy in treating hyperthyroidism taken and mixed in equal proportion makes Hamsapathyadi Kashaya(Hansapadiadi kashaya) a blessing for people who are suffering from Hyperthyroidism. It is also equally effective getting relief from Goiter.



Hamsapathyadi Kashayam(Hansapadiadi kashaya) is one of the best ayurvedic medicines to treat hyperthyroidism. It helps treat this chronic condition without any side effects caused by chemicals used in modern medicines for thyroid.

It helps reduce the swelling in the neck which occurs due to Goitre which itself is a result of enlargement of the thyroid gland.

It regulates the thyroid gland and is also indicated for hypothyroidism

It relieves the other symptoms of thryroid disorders like weight gain, mood swings, heaviness etc.





It is normally recommended to consume 15 to 30 ml of this Kashayam three times a day with water or as recommended by an ayurvedic physician.



No side effects are reported for using this medicine in limited doses.



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