kamilahar syrup FOR LIVER CIRRHOSIS

Kamilahar Syrup from Kiti’s Pharmaceutical World is ayurvedic syrup to treat Cirrhosis of the liver, Fatty liver disease and other liver disorders.

Cirrhosis of Liver is the permanent scarring of the liver cells. It is mostly irreversible. Allopathic system of medicine considers this disease to be incurable. At best, attempts are made to slow down the degeneration of the liver cells, prevent or delay jaundice and increase life span with supportive care and symptoms management.

Fatty Liver Disease is a fatty deposition in the liver beyond normal. It can occur due to poor diet and sleep habits or due to mindless alcohol consumption. Kamilahar is an ayurvedic formula to treat both Liver Cirrhosis and Fatty Liver.

Kamilahar is composed of the following herbal ingredients Phyllanthus niruri, Tecoma undulata, Nyctanthes arbor-tristis, Embelia ribes, Terminalia arjuna and Taraxacum officinale.



Bhumiyamalaki or Phyllanthus niruri is the most powerful herb in Ayurveda to improve liver health. It is also recommended in siddha system of medicines to treat liver disorders. It has detoxifying and restorative properties. Bhumiyamalaki helps to reduce oxidative stress and thus reducing inflammation in the liver. This helps in improving overall liver health.

A study titled “Phyllanthus niruri Ameliorates the Severity of Nutritional Steatohepatitis Both In Vitro and In Vivo” has confirmed Bhumiyamalaki as an effective herb in slowing down and even reversing cirrhosis of liver. The herb ameliorates inflammation by reducing the oxidative stress levels thus decreasing lipid accumulation.

It balances both Pitta and Kapha and is indicated in conditions that require medicines with dry and light qualities. It also supports the healthy functioning of the gall bladder and improves skin health.



Nyctanthes arbor tristis also known as Night-flowering Jasmine or Pavazhamalli is a variety of jasmine flower. This plant has high anti-viral and anti-microbial properties. It is effective in treating a variety of infectious diseases.  The extracts from this herb have high potential in fighting Hepatitis B virus. It also works as a liver detoxifier and helps flush our toxins from the liver.



Taraxaum Officinale or Common Dandelion is also a major ingredient that helps flush toxins from the liver and promotes liver restoration. Tecoma and Arjuna are also known for their anti-viral properties and help improve overall liver functions.

The power of these herbs combined into one product makes Kamilahar an effective tonic for liver health.



Kamilahar syrup is effective in treating Cirrhosis of Liver

It is also efficient in treating Fatty Liver Diseases and other liver disorders.

It detoxifies the liver by flushing out all toxins from the body.

It aids to restore the functions of the liver and thus helps control other complications of liver cirrhosis.

Kamilahar is effective in treating splenomegaly, a condition where the spleen is enlarged and inflamed.

It helps combat fatigue which occurs due to liver disease.

It cools the body and helps reduce inflammations.





It is best to consume 2 teaspoons of this syrup 3 times a day to combat liver disorders. It works better when combined with more liver supplements.

Since liver diseases are chronic conditions, it is best to consult an ayurvedic physician to know your personalized dosage of the medicine with respect to your dosa karmas and gunas.

An ayurvedic physician will also help you with a diet chart which best complements the medicines and hastens the recovery process.



This syrup does not react with homeopathic medicines and can be had alongside it.

If consuming alongside allopathic medicines, it is best to have a 30 minutes gap between allopathic medicine and Kamilahar syrup.

It is advisable for vulnerable groups like pregnant women, lactating mother and children to have this product only after consultations with an ayurvedic physician.



Liver health

Nonalcoholic fatty liver

Alcoholic fatty liver

Liver cirrhosis



Strength enhancer



Ayurveda believes reversing liver disease is possible in the early stages, unlike allopathy. But it is important to follow all recommended lifestyles alongside consuming medicines. Please consult a physician to know more.


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