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Growth is painful… Change is painful… but nothing is more painful than staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.

At 52, Miranda was going through her phase of menopause. The confident and beautiful lady trembled to look into the mirror as she could no more identify with that reflection of hers.

There stood a middle-aged woman cranky and depressed with sore ankles and painful hips rapidly gaining weight.

The successful entrepreneur at Montreal could not adjust to this changing body. It’s like a young soul stuck in an old body.

Her bouts of mood swings, impulsive decisions and emotional outbreaks quivered the career that she had established in over 30 years.

For the first time she stood in the juncture of life where she was directionless and she didnot know which way to head. She cried in the silence of the nights and was lost in the chaos of the day.

Her thoughts were paralysed and body struggled to cope. That’s when she decided to embrace the change and make changes for the change to slip in her life without causing a catastrophe.

She decided to take a short break to travel in search of serendipity. That’s when she got introduced to the awesome world of Ayurveda.

With proper lifestyle, exercise, brihatri

Shatavarikalpa  and Mentace tablets she could find her lost soul. Now she is not only acing her entrepreneurial journey but has started support group to guide and counsel women who fear the change.

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