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We all know proper skin care plays a critical role in keeping your skin looking healthy and youthful and facial cream is perhaps the most critical part of your skin care regimen. Skincare is such a huge dynamic with so many layers attached to it that sometimes you drift off your way in bewilderment of the bazillion options and ways to act on protecting and caring for the largest organ they have.

With all the hype of night cream and day cream, make-up cream and sun cream, it gets confusing and consuming to establish a simple yet effective moisturizing regime for the face. So, we have deciphered every data on face creams and presented the best options for you to try.

For an effective and lasting moisturizing impact, you need something that will hydrate your skin and act as a shield to protect your skin from pollutants and prevent sun damage. After much research we have zeroed in Brihatri moisturizing Lotion as the perfect solution for face moisturizing that suits all skin types and works on all climate.

It is ideal for maintaining skin vitality and the best part about Brihatri moisturizing lotion is, its  completely herbal and  is free of any chemicals or side effects. Enriched with minerals and essential oils, the lotion adds up a healthy and luscious glow.

 It’s light, well-formulated and is clinically proven to provide immediate and lasting relief from dryness or dullness. It is fortified with natural anti-oxidants that guard the skin against free radicals thus protecting it from damage and premature ageing.


* Thick texture, long lasting and easy absorption.

* Prevents skin damage and helps to renew the damaged cells

* Hydrates the skin

* Works well in controlling oil production

* It is suited to be used on irritated skin as it helps to soothe rashes, burns, allergic reactions and other issues

* It is non-comedogenic in nature which means it does not clog pores or cause blackheads.

With such benefits and minimalistic approach moisturizer on face is definitely an ‘aye’

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