Neurocare capsules

Neurocare capsules

Neurocare capsules from Pentacare pharma are an ayurvedic proprietary medicine prepared exclusively using ingredients highly rated in ancient ayurvedic texts for relieving neuro-skeletal and muscular disorders. It is a powerful ayurvedic medicine with multiple beneficial actions made available in easy to consume capsule form. Neurocare capsules are prepared exclusively from herbal ingredients extracted from indigenous herb and also contain extracts from cow’s milk. They are completely free from chemicals and artificial ingredients. This makes them safe and side effect-free for long-term consumption.

If you have sprained your leg during a sports game, developed muscular pain, or suffered a shoulder dislocation neuro care capsules are a one-stop solution to help in relieving the condition. From small and minor neurological, muscular or skeletal pains to complex conditions like osteoarthritis, sciatica, spondylosis and fracture these ayurvedically charged capsules have a vast application. It is loaded with the best ayurvedic ingredients to ensure the best outcomes. Sesame oil, castor root, and asparagus root which are renowned in ayurvedic and Siddha circles for their potency in treating neurological disorders are amongst the major ingredients in this composition. The capsules also are a rich source of calcium courtesy of the extracts from country mallow and milk. The combination of powerful ayurvedic herbal extracts makes neuro care capsules from Pentacare pharma amongst the best in class medicine for neurological, muscular, and skeletal disorders.


Sesame oil renowned for its efficacy in relieving pains, inflammations, neurological disorders, and joint paints is amongst the primary ingredients of this ayurvedic capsule. They also contain country mallow, cow’s milk, asparagus root, castor root, and Indian bedellium all of which find their marks in ayurvedic literature for high efficacy in neurological, skeletal, and muscular disorders. Many of these herbs are also scientifically proven for their efficacy in adding essential nutrients to the bones, muscles, and nerves. 

The composition also contains powerful complete body tonics like guduchi, ashwagandha and triphala. It makes these capsules also double up as a complete body rejuvenator. There is no added sugar or jaggery making these tablets safe for diabetic patients. Extracts from punarnava, a powerful ayurvedic herb that helps in relieving swelling and pain in the muscles and tissues is also a part of this composition.  Gokshura is also a powerful saptadhatu nourisher in this capsule. 

The unique blend of these rejuvenating herbal extracts with the best in class neuro-skeleto-muscular nourishing herbs makes neurocare capsules from Pentacare pharma amongst the best in class medicines for the below-mentioned disorders.


Neurocare capsules are the best recommended medicine to treat neurological disorders like sciatica.

It helps improve brain functions and memory.

It also has a fair efficacy in relieving pain and alleviating the cause of arthritis. It is best recommended by ayurvedic doctors for osteoarthritis.

Neurocare capsules have good potency to help improve muscle health. They have the necessary components in helping our body to mend muscle injuries. These capsules are recommended for all types of sprains and as an adjuvant for all muscle injuries.

It is a potent drug to help in post-viral fever recovery for the nervous and skeleton-muscular system. 

It contains herbs like myrobalan, ashwagandha and Indian gooseberry which make it a potent immunity booster.

It is prescribed by some doctors for spinal problems like spondylitis and lower back pain. 

This medicine can help in recovery from shoulder dislocation. Click here to learn about easy home remedies for shoulder pain.

It is also recommended for lumbago, bursitis and fractures.

These capsules are a powerful sapthadhatu nourisher and act as a complete tonic to the body.


It is normally recommended to consume one or two tablets a day or as recommended by an ayurvedic physician.

These tablets are normally prescribed for a period of two to three months and are 100% safe for long term consumption.


This composition contains milk and might not be suitable for people who are lactose intolerant.

It is advisable for pregnant women, lactating mothers, children and other vulnerable groups to consume this medicine only at the recommendations of an ayurvedic physician.

This medicine can react with allopathic drugs so if consuming along with modern medicine, keep a 30 minute break between the medicines. Ideally consume the allopathic drug first.


There are no side effects reported for consuming this medicine.


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