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wormicid plus

Wormicid Plus

Wormicid Plus is prepared by Prakruthi Ayurveda for relief from intestinal worm infections in children. It is most effective against giant roundworm infections and stomach infections caused by a parasite called giardia. The syrup is prepared exclusively with extracts from herbal ingredients mentioned in ancient ayurvedic texts immersed in a syrup base. This medicine is completely free from chemicals and artificial ingredients making them safe and healthy for children. So the next time your child complaints of stomach pain give them a dose of Wormicid Plus for immediate relief.

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Revinto Wormicid Plus is loaded with powerful herbal extracts lifted from ancient ayurvedic texts for eliminating worms and parasites in the stomach without causing much damage to gut health.

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The dry, tuberous ayurvedic root called Ativisha is the primary ingredient in Womicid Plus. It is highly recommended for relief from diarrhea.  It has powerful anti-microbial and anti-worm properties which help eliminate the worms in the intestine. It nourishes the walls of the intestine and does not cause any harmful reactions in the gut. Ativisha is also highly recommended for preventing blood loss.

Palasha is also known as Butia Monosperma is a plant that is indigenous to South and Southeast Asia. It has bright red color flowers and is regarded as a sacred tree in many cultures across Asia. It is highly rated in Ayurveda and many other indigenous medicinal systems of Asia for its efficacy in eliminating infectious intestinal worms. It is a powerful gut tonic that helps restore balance in the stomach. It has strong anti-oxidizing properties and possesses an astringent taste. It is also widely recommended by practitioners of traditional medicinal systems for diarrhea.

Indravya is another major ingredient in Wormicid Plus. This is one of the two prominent varieties of Indigo plants widely used in ayurvedic medicine (the other being Neeli). Indravya also known as kutaja is a powerful gut tonic. It kills the parasites in the stomach and intestines and also helps in eliminating the intestinal worms from the body.

Prasika Yavani or Stinking Nightshade is a largely poisonous plant whose select portions are used in ayurvedic medicines. Revinto’s medicines are prepared under the supervision of experts in Ayurveda and care is taken to use only the edible portions of the plant and this is also purified as per the recommendations in the ancient ayurvedic texts. This plant has incredible anti-microbial properties and is used in small quantities in medicines to tackles severe infections. Extracts from this plant easily eliminate intestinal worms.

Musta is another powerful anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic and anti-protozoan herb whose extracts are made a part of this ayurvedic syrup. Musta has a wide range of applications in Ayurveda, in this medicine helps promote digestion and expel worms in the body.

Ajmoda is an ever-present ingredient in all stomach health and digestion enhancing medicines in Ayurveda. It helps expel the worms in the stomach and intestines. It also improves digestion and metabolism thus improving nutrition absorption.

Vidanga is another herb widely recommended in ayurvedic medicines for intestinal worm infections and for eliminating parasites like giardia. Neem and Shigru are anti-microbial and anti-parasitic herbal extracts that are also made a part of this mixture.

Piper Longum or Pippali is also loaded with chemicals and phyto-components which help eliminate giardia and intestinal worms like giant roundworms. They possess strong anti-microbial properties. Pippali also helps improve digestion and metabolism. It relieves abdominal pain.

Wormicid Plus also contains Triphala extracts which act as complete body tonic and adds strength to the children and enhances their overall development. It helps them recover from diseases and improves energy and inner strength.

The powerful combination of these herbal extracts in a unique proportion makes Wormicid Plus an effective medicine to treat intestinal worm infections and other gut-related illnesses in children.

DOSAGE Of Wormicid Plus

For relief from intestinal worms or giardiasis in children, consume 5ml of this syrup two times a day.

It is recommended to consume this syrup at least for one additional dosage after full recovery.

The statements above are not a substitution for medical advice. It is recommended to consult an ayurvedic physician before consuming this medicine.

For personalized dosage please consult your ayurvedic physician.

SIDE EFFECTS Of Wormicid Plus

This is an action oriented medicine and is not recommended for people without the disorders.

No side effects are observed for consuming this medicine for relief from symptoms in recommended doses.


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