New Moon V-Wash

New Moon V-Wash

New Moon V-Wash is a revolutionary formula prepared from natural ingredients mentioned in the ancient ayurvedic texts that help balance the natural pH levels in a woman’s intimate areas.

This is an herbal formula that will help retain the natural acidic pH in the intimate regions and thus help promote the natural microbial resistance of the body.

Your daily bathing soap is normally highly alkaline to help eliminate germs on the skin but the same level of alkalinity might not be ideal for this region in the body.

This is what Revinto’s New Moon V-Wash intends to solve with its revolutionary herbal formula that will be mild on your intimate regions and at the same time does the work of a normal soap in removing dirt and wastes.

The amount of focus we give to keep our dental hygiene or hair health is not always shown in our intimate regions. Just like the oral region and the scalp, this area also has a special environment that cannot be best maintained with our normal bathing soap. The pH and composition of the skin in this region are relatively different and it is more distinct in women

. Natural fluids and composition promote the presence of good and bad bacteria in the region. It is very important to maintain the unique characteristics and pH levels of the vaginal area.

This is why this region requires its specially designed cleanser like that of the hair and teeth. To keep your private areas in the most healthy and balanced condition completely free from infections and diseases, it is best to opt for Revinto’s New Moon V-Wash as your regular private area cleanser.

New Moon V-Wash is a 100% ayurvedic product designed by Revinto Life Sciences. It is designed with references from the ancient ayurvedic text titled Panchavalkala which is thousands of years old.

This natural preparation powered by herbal ingredients gives Revinto New Moon V-Wash, the guarantee of thousands of years of history and efficacy of authentic ayurveda.


New Moon V-wash is the best cleanser to help treat itching in the intimate parts. Be it itching, irritation or any other discomfort in the region, all you have to do is wash it off with this amazing ayurvedic cleanser for instant relief.


Prakrithi New Moon V-Wash is one of the few cleansers in the market which are 100% free from the chemical called paraben. These are derivatives of Parahydroxybenzoates which are widely used in chemical industries as preservatives.

Paraben is widely used in cosmetics, soaps, cleansers, etc.

The long term effects of regular exposure to this chemical is dangerous. Revinto’s New Moon V- Wash is 100% free from this chemical preservative and thus protects your vital areas without causing any harm in the long run.

Since it is 100% paraben-free, this vaginal cleanser can be used for long periods without any fear of side effects or infections.


  • Having a bad odor down there is not something any of us would embrace.
  • A smelly region can be embarrassing not just to oneself but also to one’s partners.
  • This can have a negative effect on one’s sex life. Revinto’s Prakrithi New Moon V-Wash comes as a one-stop solution for this problem.
  • It helps completely eliminate bad odor in the vaginal region without any side effects.
  • With this ayurvedic cleanser no longer will you have to look at your partners get disgusted as and when they get down there.

Vaginal Rashes affect many women.

The region is prone to high microbial activity and this can result in some scars and rashes. Your normal soap can help in this condition but will also leave the region with a non-ideal pH and bad skin conditions.

New Moon V-Wash is designed exclusively to nourish and cleanse your vaginal region and hence it helps remove rashes in the region and at the same time effectively maintains the pH in the region.

Thus, provides a supple, odor-free, and disease-free private region to boost your confidence.


Many cleansers are suitable for some kind of people but are not as effective for others. Prakriti’s New Moon V-Wash is prepared from herbal ingredients and is designed to suit all skin types.

So be it oily or dry, rough or supple, irrespective of your skin type and texture this cleanser will ensure hygiene and health in the vaginal region.


The normal pH level in the vaginal region varies from 3.5 to 4.5. Most of the soaps and cleansers in the market are alkaline in nature and have a higher pH level.

This is why Revinto has designed Prakrithi New Moon V-Wash which helps maintain the normal pH levels in the vaginal region and thus ensuring the natural activity in the region remains unaffected even after the wash.


Prakrithi New Moon V-Wash is suitable for all women from teenagers to old age people. It is a hygiene maintenance product and is a must-have for everyone who wishes to be hygienic without compromising the natural systems in the body.


It is normally advised to wash your regions with New Moon V-wash at least two times a day. It can be used in higher dosages as well.

It is completely safe for pregnant women.

There are absolutely no side effects for using this product in the long term.

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