Vedura Mela Pro Cream:

Vedura mela pro cream is a skin cream prepared from ayurvedic ingredients to help fight skin conditions caused by the lack of melanin like Vitiligo.

Loss of skin color in blocks can be highly depressing. Vitiligo is a condition in which skin color is lost in patches. This causes large patches on the skin.

This condition happens when the skin color giving pigment called melanin production stops or reduces. When pigment-producing cells die out or malfunctions it leads to Vitiligo.

This condition can affect any parts of the body, be it the eyes, hair or any part of the skin. Vitiligo is more visible in people with a darker skin tone.

In the allopathic system of medicine, Vitiligo cannot be cured. Treatment can only help contain the condition.

In Ayurveda, there are many options to treat this condition. Psoralea corylifolia also is known as Karpokarusi and Bakuchi is one of the most highly rated herbs in treating vitiligo.

It is an indigenous plant whose extracts help improve the patches that appear on the skin due to vitiligo. The extracts from Bakuchi are the base ingredient in VeduraMela Pro Cream.

It has been proven with scientific studies that the ayurvedically prepared cream helps fight the complexities of Vitiligo.



Vedura Mela Pro Cream is an ayurvedic cream which kindles the skin to improve its nutrition absorption. This cream helps improve skin patches in Vitiligo.

The cream is nutrient-rich and improves melanin secretion in the skin. It induces the pigment-producing cells in the skin cells to use its genetic knowledge to help improve the absorption of nutrients from U-V rays which will automatically help improve the skin condition in Vitiligo.



Vedura Mela Pro cream is prepared exclusively from Ayurvedic products and is devoid of harmful chemicals and dangerous preservatives.

Side effects causing chemicals are totally absent in the product and hence it is 100% safe to use for the long run.

Vedura Pro cream thus not only improves the condition but also has no other negative impact on the body.


Vedura Mela Pro Cream can be used along with all other existing treatments.

It can be used along with medicines from other systems like Allopathy and Homeopathy. Thus, this cream can also be used as a supplement to your regular treatments for the condition.

It is used to hasten the recovery process in vitiligo and other skin diseases.



Hypopigmentation refers to skin spots that are lighter than the overall skin color. The pigmentation or coloring of your skin is dependent on the development of a material called melanin.

If your skin cells do not produce enough melanin, the skin will lighten up. These symptoms may appear in the spots or may affect the whole body.

Genetic and serious environmental conditions can cause melanin disruption. It is necessary to determine the root cause before seeking treatment.

But irrespective of the cause and type of treatment opted; Vedura Mela Pro cream can be administered to improve the condition.


Many skin color changing diseases are caused by fungal infections. Fungal infections can result in Hypopigmentation, skin rashes, and even skin peeling.

Bakuchi, the primary ingredient in Vedura Mela Pro cream is a powerful anti-fungal ayurvedic herb and this powers this cream to help fight fungal skin infections.

Fungal rashes and pigmentation changes will disappear in a matter of days on the application of this cream.



It is normally recommended to topically apply the cream in the affected areas as instructed by the physician for at least 2 times a day.


Vedura Mela Pro Cream is applied to the affected area and then the region is to be exposed to sunlight for five minutes. It is best to do this in the early morning hours. Only under medical supervision shall U-V light be used as an alternative to sunlight.

If you have other topical therapies, then it is best to use this cream 1st as a pre-treatment and then follow it up with other medicines.

It is best to continue using the cream for a long period of time for best results.



There are absolutely no side effects for using this product



If you notice any skin irritation, then immediately stop using the product and consult a doctor.

This is a topical cream and hence it is best to avoid contact with cuts, wounds, openings etc.

This is marketed as a proprietary Siddha medicine by the manufacturer

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