ayurvedic formula Nirdosh herbal cigarettes helps to quit smoking in 13 weeks

Nirdosh herbal cigarettesNirdosh herbal cigarettes

Nirdosh Herbal cigarettes are herbal cigarettes designed using an ayurvedic formula to help people with smoking addiction to stop it in just 13 weeks. This product is scientifically researched and practically proven to deliver the promised results.

It has helped thousands of people overcome smoking addiction across the world over the last couple of decades.

On average, non-smokers live up to 7 years more than people who smoke regularly. The prevalence of diseases is also higher amongst people who are addicted to smoking.

Once smoking develops into a habit it is difficult to stop it forever. Alternative therapies like nicotine and other products work to replace the existing smoke addiction with other addiction, mostly addiction to their new products.

Nirdosh herbal cigarettes are a formula which is designed to relieve your addiction to smoking and addiction to Nirdosh in just 13 weeks.

This product is composed purely from ayurvedic herbs and uses a leaf roll. Even paper rolls are avoided to make your de-addiction process a healthier one.


Experts who designed Nirdosh recommend a 13-week process to replace smoking habits initially with Nirdosh cigarettes and then to stop them as well.

In other therapies, the urge to smoke is normally tackled by having mint or eating something.

This has resulted in many people who planned to quit smoking turned obese and in the long run drop out of the program to restart smoking.

The first seven weeks your normal cigarettes are slowly replaced with Nirdosh cigarettes. In the 8th week Nirdosh becomes your only cigarette and in the next 5 weeks Nirdosh is slowly withdrawn.

After the 13th week you become completely free from Smoking habits. The process will also train your mind to help not get the temptation to smoke again in the long run.

HERBAL INGREDIENTS IN Nirdosh herbal cigarettes

Nirdosh cigarettes are a pure herbal formula derived from 8 naturally occurring herbs rolled in a eucalyptus (tendu) like leaf. This makes it completely free from chemicals and carcinogens.

This is why Nirdosh is the best product to opt for if you are planning to quit smoking.

Tulsi, a major ingredient is renowned to promote respiratory health. Turmeric is known for its anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidizing properties.

It is also beneficial to the digestive system. Licorice, another major ingredient is anti-microbial and relieves cough and cold.

Cinnamon is an anti-septic and is a powerful detoxifier.  With anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties, Cloves are best for improving oral health.

Ajwain also enhances oral health and Guggulu has a plethora of benefits for the body in ayurvedic therapies.

The combination of these herbs in a unique proportion makes Nirdosh cigarettes a relatively safer alternative which is completely free from chemicals and other dangerous ingredients.


It helps to quit smoking in just 13 weeks.

It is made of 100% herbal and natural ingredients

It helps to quit smoking without getting addicted to this product. This is a product which genuinely tries to help people quit smoking and not something that tries to sell a new addiction to replace an older one.

A personalized program to help quit smoking according to your habits and lifestyle is available from Nirdosh’s official website.

Surveys from people who have used Nirdosh in the past show the following result. 87% of the people who quit smoking after Nirdosh therapy have completely quit using industrial cigarettes.

Only 5% of them returned to old habits in the long run (of over 6 months after the program).


This product is specifically designed to help people who are addicted to cigarettes quit smoking. Others are advised to refrain from using this product.

Keep out of the reach of children. Read the label carefully before use.


  • Consult an ayurvedic physician to guide you through the process.
  • Alternatively, you can opt for a customized program from Nirdosh for email guidance.

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