Poweromin x ten

Poweromin x ten

Poweromin x ten is an ayurvedic tablet developed with purely herbal ingredients mentioned in ancient ayurvedic texts. It contains powerful herbs like Musli and Spade flower which were recommended as standalone cure by ayurvedic seers for erectile dysfunction and to improve libido in men. 

 Most men spend a bulk of their time stressed in workspaces where they are always under pressure to perform. Their brain is always under tension and their mind always restless because deadlines keep coming and in their up keeping lies their future. Being under stress for a long period of time is identified as one of the major reasons for loss of libido and erectile dysfunction. Apart from this the daily nutritional intake is also not proper for most them. The modern lifestyle in our cities is loaded with junk food, lack of physical exercises and constant stress from work places. This is the reason for most modern diseases. Bad lifestyles can cause diseases like erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, poor sperm motility and low sperm quality. It is not easy to suddenly change our lifestyles, though it is advisable to take baby steps in that direction. It sure is possible to manage these diseases or get relief from them naturally with the help of the knowledge from our ancient ayurvedic texts. To all shukra dhatu or reproductive organ related disorders in men, Green Milk concepts have designed an ayurvedic herbal medicine prepared exclusively from herbs designated for the same in ancient ayurvedic texts. Poweromin x ten tablets are a one stop solution to all reproductive organ related diseases in men.


Loss of Libido is characterized by a loss of interest for physical intimacy with one’s partner. This can cause a lot of problems in the family and strain important relationships. Poweromin tablets prepared from indigenous herbs like purusha ratna, ashwagandha, shatavari and musli was suggested to improve libido. Now, we have Poweromin x ten with ten times the power and potency of the original. It helps improve libido by ten times. It increases sexual desire and interest in one’s partner. These tablets can also help improve the quality of sex and is also recommended for improved satisfaction and performance in bed. Poweromin x ten tablets are amongst the best ayurvedic medicines to improve libido.

While we appreciate your efforts to increase your libido towards your partner, we would also remind you to be alert to not increase your libido towards other females. Click here to read more about the banes of casual sex


Poweromin x ten tablets are the best ayurvedic tablets for recovery from erectile dysfunction. It helps in erectile dysfunction irrespective of the cause but is specifically designed to relieve the ones caused by stress. It has herbs like gokshura, musli and asparagus which are highly rated in Siddha and Ayurveda for overall enhancement of reproductive health. The unique ayurvedic composition of Poweromin x tablets clears passages and helps improve blood flow into the male reproductive organs. This helps in recovery from erectile dysfunction. The efficacy of this product is better than many allopathic medicines recommended for the same. Additionally the herbal composition ensures there are no adverse side effects even for long term use.


All herbs used in preparing Poweromin x ten tablets are saptadhatu nourishers (herbs which nourish all tissues in the body). These tablets are powered by powerful saptadhatu nourishing herbs like ashwagandha, asparagus, purusharatna extracts and nerinjil. All four herbs are highly rated in ayurvedic and siddha literature for enhancing reproductive and excretory health. Gokshura or nerinjil is highly rated for its ability to cure kidney disorders. Shatavari or asparagus is also another herb most recommended for urinary tract infections and for nourishment of kidney and other excretory organs. Ashwagandha is a powerful overall immunity booster. It is also recommended for many communicable diseases. Recent studies have suggested ashwagandha might help in relieving covid-19. Purusharatna is the best aphrodisiac. It is the primary ingredient in this tablet. It improves blood flow in the penis and helps release chemicals in the body which increases libido. There are no added chemicals or artificial powders in this medicine and hence is free from side effects. Poweromin x ten tablets are the best for all reproductive and sexual disorders in men.


Loss of Libido

Low sperm motility

Low sperm production

Erectile Dysfunction

Premature ejaculation

Poor sperm quality


It is recommended to consume one tablet with milk 30 minutes before bed or intimacy

It is best to consult an ayurvedic physician before consuming this tablet


Keep it out of the reach of children.

This medicine is not for the ones below 18 years of age.

This is an action oriented medicine and is recommended to consume only for the disorders under medical supervision.

If any discomfort is noticed stop consumption and report to a doctor.


There are no side effects for this medicine.


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