Professor retires!

College time is full of laugh and life. We stay young, energized and enthusiastic, running, hopping, jumping, and doing weird things we never knew we could or we should do! But in this scene of super-charged, volcanic energy there comes a man, middle-aged, slogging his shoes and hills drawn between his eyebrows. He is least bothered about the class, the context or this whole cultivation of education thing!

In a popular Ayurveda college, there was one such Professor. He reached college half an hour late, every day. And his colleagues forged his sign in the attendance sheet; everyone had a pseudo sign for the attendance sheet, just the initial followed by a line. Same for everyone; just the way cheating works!

The one endowed with the responsibility of sparking a flame for knowledge among the kids was wandering in the darkness of his own life. The irony is in fine tune with the fact that the College  Hospital named after the erstwhile king was inaugurated on 30th January 1948, the same day Mahatma Gandhi died at 5:17 PM. Morning celebration turned into a mourning ceremony!!!!

Now this man reaches the college and suddenly his steps get faster as he walks towards the chamber, the others waiting to welcome him. After such hard labour of arriving in college, the troop walks to Hotel Rajadhani for coffee, their morning booster, one by two. I never understood this one-by-two system whether they do it to save money, consume less sugar or some other reason. The better option to all of these is not having coffee at all.

 Then the discussion of politics and country, the big important matters anything that sounds intelligent. After the refreshments and rejuvenation, professor walks towards the hospital building rubbing his shoes with utmost laziness. He reaches the hospital but his laziness grabs him by the feet and stops him from climbing the stairs to reach the  IPD, so he does the most intelligent thing a professor can do!

He calls the PG students and tells them to write ‘Repeat all’ in patient’s sheet. It’s the ‘Da Vinci Code’ to repeat all medicines until the patient leaves! Sometimes there is no prescription just repeat all in the sheets! That’s how laziness works.

The whole day he is engulfed in his coffee, lunch and the chit chats. He would engage only 10 classes in the whole year, and nobody complained. A boring teacher bunking classes is possibly the best thing that can happen in a student’s life.

Years rolled, batches changed but professor’s life orbited along with the same routine until he turned sixty! At sixty it was not his soul-awakening or passion calling, it was just retirement closing. From not doing anything to officially not doing anything!

But after his retirement, he started missing the college. He started missing Good Morning Chants. He started missing Majestic restaurants. He started missing juicy gossips. He became sleepless and mildly depressed. No one from college calls him or visits him. Professor finally called up one of his student who is a leading practitioner and complained of insomnia and depression. The student suggested him to take MENTACE 2 tablets in the morning and NIDRAMITRA  2 tablets in the night and suggests him to socialise, go to movies, walk daily, live in the present and spend time with family.

He followed up for two months and his retirement blues ended. He called up his student and shared the news the student said, “Sir, Just don’t Repeat All”

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