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As they say, a designer is judged by the dress they wear and a dermatologist is judged by their skin. Being a dermatologist my skin was my portfolio, the door to my expertise and experience. I could not afford to have an ageing appeal or wrinkled skin. The first thing that my patients look for is how well I am maintaining my skin; it is like a stamp to my certificates.

But age was taking a toll on my charm and my skin started to shrink. So, I went back to the books and applied the skin care regime meant for men. Men’s skin is different from that of women but the prime rule remains same for both genders.

Here is all I did to reverse my speeding age:

* A routinely process of cleansing, toning and moisturizing is essential for the long-term health of the skin.

* Scrubbing ensures removal of dead skin build-up from the external layer , helps in cleaning of pores that is a must for your skin to look bright and fresh.

* For a healthy skin, moisturizing is of paramount importance. Go for moisturizers that have multiple benefits.

* The moisturizer should address the issues of pigmentation, dark spots, blemishes

* I used Brihatri moisturizing lotion for its natural ingredients, harmless content and perfect formula for skin care.

* Brihatri moisturizing lotion goes deep within the skin, hydrating it from within. Its quick absorption and thick moisturizing keeps the skin supple and glowy for the longest.

* Brihatri moisturizing lotion  is suitable to all skin types and aids multiple skin issues.

* Occasional home-made remedies like neem face pack, Aloe vera and honey masks works wonder on the skin.

* Paying attention to the diet and sticking to healthy nutrition is very essential.

I highly recommend Brihatri moisturizing lotion  for skin nourishment and skin care. 

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