Diabetes Mellitus
Diabetes mellitus is a demanding disease that can take a toll on every aspect of your life. It is a serious condition in which the body fails to either synthesize or utilize insulin resulting in a spike in the blood glucose level of the body. In some cases, the body fails to do both i.e. production and utilization of insulin both are affected.
Normally, the body breaks down the sugars into glucose which acts as a fuel for the cells but the cells need insulin to take in the glucose and use it for energy. When the cells fail to take in the glucose, it builds up in the blood. High levels of glucose in the blood damage the tiny blood vessels in the kidneys, heart, eyes and nervous system. That’s why diabetes, when left untreated, can cause heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, blindness and damage to nerves.

Managing Diabetes Mellitus
Managing diabetes mellitus can be stressful as it demands constant monitoring of the insulin level, the strenuous life style adjustments and precise control over food choices. The constant worry about the never-ending demands of diabetes care, symptoms of low or very high blood glucose and fears about or the reality of complications adds to the stress.
Ayurveda offers some of the very effective and time proven techniques to combat diabetes and soothe its symptoms. The vedic system of health management aims to keep the blood glucose levels as close to normal as safely possible. As diabetes may also increase the risk for heart disease and peripheral artery disease, measures to control blood pressure and cholesterol levels are also considered as an essential part of diabetes treatment.


Shiva Gutika in Diabetes Mellitus
Shiva Gutika is a highly effective ayurvedic medicinal tonic which is used in the treatment of diabetes mellitus since aeons. The potent formulation is a concoction of several essential herbs and minerals which rejuvenates the body and treats a plethora of chronic disorders. This herbal product is blessed with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that work amazingly well in controlling the impact and symptoms of diabetes.

Apart from diabetes, Shiva Gutika is also widely used in the treatment of liver and spleen disorders, ascites, hiccup, rhinitis, bronchitis, cough, anemia, cardiac diseases, vomiting, gout arthritis, skin diseases, epilepsy and psychotic diseases.

Regular consumption of the medicine promotes the production of insulin, boosts metabolism and enhances the utilization of insulin by the body. It is a potent nervine tonic that protects the nerves and arteries thereby shielding heart diseases. Ayurvedic seers have used this powerful blend for the treatment and prevention of diabetes mellitus for centuries.
Preventive measures for using Shiva Gutika
Shiva Gutika is a natural herbal medicine that does not cause any side effects.
However, very high doses may cause gastric irritation, burning sensation in the stomach, and loose motions.
Pregnant women and lactating mothers are advised to consult a doctor before administering this medicine.
The use of Shiva Gutika in children should be avoided unless advised by a physician.

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