Somavit Soft Gel Capsules are an offering from Millennium Herbal Care for overall immunity and wellbeing.  The efficacy of this capsule to improve gut health and overall immunity is established by an in-vitro study by the manufacturer. These capsules are prepared exclusively from ayurvedic herbs which are highly rated as immunity boosters and complete body rejuvenators in ancient ayurvedic texts.

Somavit Soft Gel Capsules work by improving gut health. Scientists believe 70% of the immunity system is located in the gut region. The primary ingredient of this ayurvedic oushadham is Guduchi or Giloy. Click here to read more about the benefits of Giloy. The extracts from the stem of Guduchi help improve gut health by nourishing good gut bacteria like Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus. This helps improve overall gut health and immune response. These bacteria are vital for the formation of T helper cells. T helper cells in the forefront of immune responses to invading pathogens like the covid-19 virus. This ayurvedic capsule nourishes the T helper cells and strong and efficient T helper cells in turn help to keep all kinds of diseases at bay.

Guduchi in itself is a powerful complete body tonic that nourishes all tissues in the body. Somavit is also loaded with other rejuvenating ayurvedic ingredients like Amla, Ashwagandha, Gokshura and Piper Longum.


Giloy is the most powerful immunity booster according to many ayurvedic doctors. Giloy is also a complete body rejuvenator. It helps balance the tridosas and is an herb that is present in many ayurvedic medicines. It is a sapthadhatu nourisher and is recommended in preventing all kinds of diseases.

Amla or the Indian Gooseberry is one of the highest-rated fruits in Ayurveda. Ayurvedic doctors might tell you “An Amla a day, keeps diseases at bay”. It is loaded with vitamins and minerals and is one of the best sources of vitamin C. Amla is one of the only fruits which have all 6 ayurvedic tastes and the 5 basic ayurvedic elements in one herb. This makes it the most exotic elixir in Ayurveda. It is recommended to slow down the aging process, help enhance cell regeneration and in improving liver health. Amla also helps flush out the toxins in the body.

Ashwagandha or Wintercherry is another highly rated herb in Ayurveda. Studies by Patanjali Ayurved and many other independent researchers have shown potential for this herb to help in the recovery from covid-19 disease. It is also a powerful saptadhatu nourisher and is most renowned to improve gastrointestinal and reproductive health.

Pippali is another powerful immunity booster. It has strong anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It is best known to prevent and treat microbial diseases. It also has a strong anti-inflammatory action.

Gokshura or Nerinjil is the best-rated herb in Siddha medicine to treat kidney-related disorders. It is a powerful diuretic and a complete kidney care herb. It also nourishes the reproductive and excretory organs and enhances the ojas. Gokshura is also an overall health enhancer and a complete body rejuvenator.

Somavit Soft Gel Capsules are prepared from a mixture of these powerful herbal ingredients in a unique proportion to deliver the best results to the consumers.


It is one of the best complete body rejuvenators in the market.

It helps improve immune responses to diseases and is a powerful immunity booster.

Somavit Soft Gel Capsules with the presence of herbs like Gokshura can help in kidney diseases.

It is also advisable for people with gastrointestinal disorders

Somavit helps prevent diseases in people with comorbidities like diabetics, hypertension, etc.

The manufacturer’s website hint that this medicine might help prevent covid-19. Click here to read how Guduchi can help in covid-19.

It helps in cell regeneration and in cellular immunity.

It helps in faster recovery from illness

Somavit boosts gut health and nurtures good gut bacteria.


It is generally advisable to consume one tablet at a time two times a day for 12 to 16 weeks for improved immunity and complete rejuvenation.

This tablet is prepared exclusively from ayurvedic herbal ingredients and is safe for long-term consumption.

An ayurvedic physician can help you find your personalized dosage with respect to your body’s Prakriti, gunas and spiritual orientation.


These capsules are made exclusively from ayurvedic herbal ingredients with almost no added chemicals and artificial ingredients.

There are no side effects reported for consuming this ayurvedic capsule.


Somavit Soft Gel Capsules are available on our website. Click here to buy.



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