Dandrall Oil | Ultimate Solution For Dandruff

Raghu: Hey! What’s up?

Ram: Nothing much waiting for dinner. Don’t know what’s cooking surprise or shock

Raghu: But can’t complain… At least there is food. Remember the bachelor days… The salty tea, dangerous dal, the papad roti and the burnt rice!!!!

Ram: O God! We were such terrible cooks

Raghu: are…

Ram: Yeah true that. Tell me what else. You look all fit and handsome even after becoming a father.

Raghu: Haha… thanks bro.. You too have maintained well.

Ram: No yaar, my hair is falling off Too much stress. I think I will get bald or atleast half bald in a year. I already got the bald patches

Raghu: I don’t know what these girls do, so nice and beautifully maintained. I got bad dandruff and excess hair fall. I am just doing jasoosi on my wife’s beauty box to get a cure.

Ram:  Best of luck and tell me if you get any.

Raghu: She uses a lot of Ayurvedic beauty products. So, hard to tell what’s for face and what’s for legs. So, last night I challenged her that her Ayurveda is no good on dandruff and she asked me to use Dandrall oil and Brihatri Anti-dandruff shampoo

Ram: Undercover huh?

Raghu: Yeah, else she would immediately dumb my medicine box for some Ayurvedic  and organic juice So, I had to go the other way. Smart na!!!

Ram: But did that work? The medicine

Raghu: Yeah, I have been using it since 15 days and I have got results. We have to agree, wives got their things right.

Ram: Ok… great than I will also try the same.

Raghu: cool.. bye

Ram: ya..bye… 

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