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Zandu Emami’s Chirakin tablets are produced with the same ingredients, in the same proportion as Ayush-64 tablets. Zandu Chirakin tablets are available in all leading Ayurveda stores.

Ayush 64 is an ayurvedic medicine which provides relief from Covid-19 disease. It is 100% effective in aiding recovery in mild and moderate cases of Covid-19. It is designed exclusively with herbal ingredients recommended in the ancient ayurvedic texts by researchers at AYUSH Ministry, Government of India. This medicine was approved as adjunct therapy for relief from Covid-19 after successful clinical trials on asymptomatic, mild and moderate cases of Covid-19. Zandu Chirakin tablets are designed using the same formula of Ayush-64. It is available easily in all leading medical stores (Click here to buy).


Ayush-64 is a pure herbal formulation created for the treatment of malaria by the Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences (CCRAS), the main authority for Ayurvedic research under the Ministry of AYUSH. This herbal medicine was repurposed as the herbs used in it indicated significant antiviral, immune enhancing and antipyretic effects.  An in-silico analysis on Ayush-64revealed, that around 35 of its 36 phyto-constituents have a strong binding affinity for the Covid-19 virus. This means the phyto-components tend to bind with the SARS Cov-2 virus which prevents the virus from binding with the receptor cells in our body. This effectively neutralizes the virus. This methodology to eliminate the virus can work effectively in mild and moderate infections. The formulation has also shown to be quite effective and promised encouraging outcomes in influenza-like sickness using the scientific facts gathered from multiple clinical studies across India. Ayush-64has been discovered as a viable adjuvant for the treatment of Covid-19.


Ever since the Government of India publicly acknowledged, Ayush-64 as an anti-Covid-19 drug, there has been a surging demand for the same. The production of this medicine happens in Government facilities only. Despite the efforts of the Government to increase production there is a shortage in the market. Do not panic.This shortage is because people of India are not aware Ayush-64 is available in all leading stores in another name! Zandu Chirakin tablets is that name!


Both Chirakin tablets from Zandu Ayurveda and Ayush-64 are made from the same ingredients and will have the same efficacy. Up to 40% of the ingredients in both medicines are an extract from a plant called Latakaranja.

Latakaranja also known as Fever nut or Bonduct nut is a plant native to India, Sri Lanka and South-east Asia. It is traditionally used to treat different types of fever. It has the potency to cure dangerous fevers like chikungunya, malaria, jaundice, pneumonia and tuberculosis. Extract from the plants are also used to treat skin infections. It has many beneficial phytochemicals like phytosterols, sitosterols and caesalpins. It is bitter and astringent in taste like most tonics and has a heating potency like most anti-microbial medicines. It has a pungent post digestive effect. Latakaranja extracts make up to 40% of the composition of Ayush-64 and Chirakin tablets.

Extracts from the bitter-astringent Blackboard tree is another major ingredient. It is also called Saptaparna. Extracts from this tree is used to treat skin diseases, intestinal worm infections and other microbial infections. It is also used as a blood purifier and as a remover of impurities.

Another highly rated anti-viral ayurvedic herb called Kiratatikta or Swertia Chirata is another ingredient in both tablets. Extracts from this herb are used as a standalone to treat liver disorders and gout. It helps improve digestion and is also potent in relieving nausea. Kiratatikta is also a powerful immunity booster and can trigger better immune reactions in the body.

Katuki, a plant found abundantly in Nepalese Himalayas is another ingredient in both Ayush-64 and Chirakin tablets. It is recommended in liver disorders and in relieving jaundice. It is a powerful immunity booster.

These four herbs Latakaranja, Saptaparna, Kiratatika and Katuki in the same proportion formulate both Ayush-64 and Chirakin tablets. Everything in Chirakin and Ayush-64 are the same except the name.

It is true clinical studies was conducted only with Ayush-64 but it applies to Chirakin tablets too because they are of the same formula.


Ayush-64 produced by the Government is struggling to meet the demand despite massive efforts to ramp up production. Chirakin tablets which have the same effect are available in all leading Ayurveda stores. Chirakin tablets hardly cost pennies when compared to other Covid-19 recommended medicines. Chirakin tablets from Zandu are available for just Rs.50/strip of 10 tablets. You read that right, an anti-covid-19 drug for just Rs.5/ tablet. Click here to buy or visit your nearest Ayurcentral store.


It is normally recommended to consume one tablet at a time two times a day for 14 days. The dose will vary according to your level of infection. Please consult an ayurvedic physician for personalized dosage.

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No scientific studies have been done to know its effect on pregnant women and lactating mothers. It is advised to consult a doctor before taking this medicine.

Ayush 64 is not recommended as an Over the counter drug. 

Both Chirakin and Ayush 64 for safe for people with Comorbidities, in case of asymptomatic, mild or moderate infections.

This herbal formula has reported no adverse side effects.


Chirakin tablets are available in our store. Click here to buy

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