The advertising for modern toothpaste started in the early 1920s by ridiculing the use of traditional teeth cleaners like neem twigs, salt, and charcoal. A century later after incredible levels of advancements in scientific studies and researches, the same companies today have started adding salt, neem extracts, charcoal, and whatever traditional ingredients they had ridiculed in the past as a part of their ingredients.

If you do not believe in the knowledge of our ancestors and our ancient scriptures this blog is for you!

The knowledge our ancestors had on how to keep their teeth clean without using toothpaste is now lost. Most of us living in modern cities are unaware of the methodologies of our ancestors. It is true they did not count on just neem twigs or salt on all days. There was rotation; there was a design to ensure teeth were healthy and their smiles confident, their breath refreshing and their gums strong. This was possible because of the knowledge our ancestors possessed and they used it pick up a different herb or mineral to cleanse their teeth in a rotation. If you are comfortable with your modern toothpaste, there is no point in reading further. If you want an alternative for those chemically prepared toothpaste; and are looking for a better alternative, with the power of ancient knowledge which is now being proven by science. Then this product is for you – Amrita Dentone Toothpowder!

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Amrita Dentone is an herbal tooth powder prepared exclusively with those herbal extracts and naturally occurring minerals that were used by our ancestors to lead a healthy and long life. This powder has the cleansing power of potash alum and calcium carbonate loaded into it without the factory processes of toothpaste manufacturing labs. Regularly brushing your teeth with Amrita Dentone powder helps naturally cleanse the teeth without artificial foam generated by the toothpaste. It also has herbal and mineral ingredients which strengthen the teeth and gums. The natural refreshment provided by the herbs improves breath and enhances your confidence. 

So if you want clean, strong, and shining teeth with strong and disease-resistant gums topped with refreshing cool breathe switch to Amrita Dentone Toothpowder today!

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This toothpowder is prepared by mixing herbal extracts and naturally occurring mineral extracts recommended in ancient ayurvedic texts for strong teeth and improving overall oral health.

Shuddha Spatika or naturally occurring Potash Alum is a primary ingredient in this mixture. It helps cleanse the teeth and oral cavity. It has strong anti-microbial properties and helps eliminate germs in the mouth. This helps to prevent tooth decay. Alum is also recommended in ancient texts for relief from sore throat courtesy to its strong anti-microbial and soothing properties. Apart from oral care, Shuddha Spatika is also used for abdominal pain, menorrhea, leukoderma, lower back pain, chronic bronchial diseases, and pneumonia.

Shuddha Samutraphena or Cuttlefish bone extracts are a powerful source of calcium. Calcium is necessary to make bones strong. Cuttlefish bone extracts are used since ancient times to brush teeth. It provides the teeth with necessary calcium and strengthens the teeth and gums. Cuttlefish are octopus or squid-like creatures with multiple tentacles but are significantly distinct from them. Their bones have one of the best quality calcium which can be easily absorbed in the teeth. This is why this product is widely used in ayurvedic toothpowders to strengthen the teeth.

Cinnamon or Twak are powerful oral tonics. They strengthen the teeth and gums when simply kept in the mouth. Cinnamon extracts can also relieve tooth pain because of their pain-relieving properties. They have a unique herbal aroma that helps eliminate bad breath. Twak also possesses strong anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-germ properties. It offers protection from germs many hours after use due to its strong flavor and ability to sit as residue in the mouth. In many cultures, Twak is used as a standalone product to clean teeth.

Rock salt or Lavanga is another ingredient in this Amrita Dentone Toothpowder. It provides the teeth with all the necessary nutrients. Many leading toothpaste makers have also started adding salt to their products because science has now proven beyond doubt that salt is amongst the best tonics for oral hygiene.

Camphor extracts are added in minor quantities to offer naturally refreshing breaths. Shuddha Bhallataka is renowned in ayurvedic circles for its cleansing, strengthening and pain-relieving properties.

The combination of these powerful ingredients makes Amrita Dentone Powder a potent natural alternative for cleansing the teeth and for overall oral hygiene.


Bleeding gums

Shaky, weak, or painful teeth

Plaques including the ones which accumulate due to diabetes

Foul breathe

Discoloration of the teeth


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