Anuloma ds

Anuloma ds

Sagar Pharmaceuticals presents a powerful and safe ayurvedic tablet ‘Anuloma DS’powered by herbs mentioned in ancient and medieval ayurvedic literature for relief from constipation. Anuloma DS is prepared primarily from the most renowned laxative senna. This herb is also known as swarnaksheeri or cassia lanceolata and is a powerful stimulant and laxative. Anuloma DS tablets are prepared exclusively from plant based ingredients and are completely free from added minerals, chemicals and other artificial ingredients. This makes the product a safe and potent medicine to consume whenever situation demands.

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The amount of fiber and natural laxatives in our food is going down every day courtesy to our new lifestyles. This is a major contributor to constipation. The situation gets more complicated in people who do not drink enough water every day. Constipation apart from the discomfort and mental disturbances it causes also can lead to more complicated diseases if left unchecked. Anuloma DS is a one stop solution to constipation.

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This ayurvedic tablet is a mixture of many herbal laxatives.

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The primary ingredient in this mixture is extracts from senna. Senna is a powerful laxative which stimulates the walls of the stomach and promotes both digestion and excretion. It eases the bowel movments and eliminates the ama or undigested food residue in the intestines. It improves the secretion of lubricants in the intestine which pushes the residue food out for excretion. Senna is also a powerful detoxifier. It helps cleanse the digestive system of accumulated residues. It is also renowned in many traditional medicinal systems as a potent blood purifier. It improves more and offers a refreshed feeling because of its ability to flush out toxins accumulated in the body via excretion. This herbal extract is the number food for relief from constipation. More than 95% of the components in Anuloma DS tablets are senna extracts. Senna is also recommended in some ayurvedic circles for treating many skin diseases. It relieves skin diseases which are caused by toxicity in the blood.

Ajmoda is another powerful ayurvedic laxative whose extracts are an integral part of Anuloma DS tablets. It also improves digestion and metabolism. It helps improve the nutrient absorbing capacity of the stomach. It fastens the digestive process and promotes excretion. Ajmoda thus helps in relieving constipation.

Ginger is a powerful anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal herb. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties and ensures the stimulating effect of senna doesn’t harm the walls of the stomach. Ginger is also a standalone digestion enhancer. It also helps improve absorption of nutrients in the body. Ginger extracts can also prevent and relieve common cold, dry cough, sore throat and other respiratory symptoms. Ginger is present only in small quantities in Anuloma DS tablets.

Yastimadhu is another digestion booster herb. It also has the potential to help regulate blood sugar and pressure levels. The extracts from this herb are also known for their anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. Yastimadhu also helps in eliminating the ama or undigested food residue which prevents many diseases. They are highly recommended for constipation.

Cumin seeds or Jeeraka are also powerful digestion boosters. Drinking water is medicated with these seeds in many parts of India because of its potency to help improve digestion. Water medicated with jeeraka is consumed alongside heavy foods to prevent indigestion and heaviness. Cumin seeds have a soothing effect on the walls of the stomach.

Haritaki is a complete body tonic added in minute quantities to this ayurvedic tablet to help balance the Tridosas in the body. It is a sapthadhatu nourisher and a powerful immunity booster. It also helps improve digestion and metabolism. Haritaki nourishes all ayurvedic tissues of the body.

These powerful herbs add strength and potency to the senna extracts and alongside Himalayan rock salt makes up the list of ingredients used to design Anuloma DS tablets. It is a powerful a digestion booster and a constipation reliever.


It is normally recommended to consume one or two tablets at a time once or twice a day according to the condition.

It is best to consume this tablet at the recommendations of an ayurvedic physician.

Keep out of reach of children

It is not recommended for pregnant women and other vulnerable groups are advised to consume only under strict medical supervision.


If overdosed, these tablets can cause loose motion. It is recommended to consume only in limited doses as prescribed by an ayurvedic physician.

No side effects are recorded for consuming in limited doses.

No long term adverse side effects are reported so far.


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