Brihatri Jeerakadi Lehya

A nice Indian boy goes to see a girl and fell in love at the very first glance. The boy was smitten by her beauty as she looked radiant like an angelic mermaid clad in a pink saree. He proposed her for marriage and soon they tied the knot.
The first night of their #marriage the boy entered the room adored with flowers and petals. But as he approached the bed he felt nauseous for the strong pungent smell that hit his nose.

He quickly sprayed the room freshener, removed all the flowers and opened the windows. But, after 15 minutes, the smell hit him again. And this went on for the whole night.

The next day, he cleaned his room thoroughly to get rid of the smell. But the same smell kept poking in his nose.
This went on for quite the next days. He changed his sheets, curtains, mats and even the furniture; but the smell strained his nights every day.
It was the time the bride and groom visited the girl’s house. The boy was happy as he thought he could finally spend some quality time without the smell bothering them.

He took her in his arms saying words of love and just as he went close to her,the irritating smell almost killed him this time. He was in utter shock as he understood it was not his room but his beautiful bride who spoiled all these nights. 

Next day early in the morning he rushed to AyurCentral to buy Anuloma tablet and #JeerakadiLehya and asked his wife to take the Ayurvedic medicines daily. After a week, the smell was gone but the bemusement of his mind could not be solved. 

Beauty can be deceiving, but thanks to AyurCentral, it saved their marriage !!!

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