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Saraswatarishta is a prominent Ayurvedic medicine used since ages for improving memory power and treating a wide array of disorders affecting the nervous system. The perfectly blended ingredients present a great combo of anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune stimulant properties. It works magic for the patients suffering from neuralgia, epilepsy and other mental disorders.

The main ingredient of this medicine is Brahmi which is used as a tranquillizer, nerve tonic, diuretic and blood purifier. Saraswatarishta is known for boosting intelligence and improving digestion.

Why should you use Saraswatarishta?

Saraswatarishta is equally beneficial for children as well as adults as it offers a great multitude of benefits for all ages. It can be used as a medicine to treat certain specific disorders or as a tonic to boost body and brain functions.

Here is a list of benefits that Saraswatarishta offers to the human body:

Improves digestion

Saraswatarishta is a natural appetizer that is effective in treating digestive and bowel-related issues. 

Boosts Immuntity

The immune stimulant character of this tonic works effectively well in boosting immunity and strength. It provides endurance and natural resistance against many diseases.

Enhances Memory 

Known for its innate capability of boosting memory and brain power Saraswatarishta is widely used as a memory tonic. In Ayurveda, Saraswatarishta is used to treat ails related to memory loss.

Improves voice quality

Saraswatarishta is widely used to cure hoarseness of speech and improve tone and pitch of voice. It further helps in incoherent speech.

Aids in female problems

Saraswatarishta detoxifies the uterus and its related organs and boosts female fertility. It is also useful in soothing menstrual disorders.

Addresses men’s trouble

Saraswatarishta cleanses and detoxifies semen thereby boosting male infertility. It is useful in treating sexual debility, seminal weakness and general debility.

In Ayurveda, Saraswatarishta is used to treat the following conditions:

Nervous system disorders

The vedic texts mentions the use of Saraswatarishta by the acharyas to boost memory power, get clarity of thoughts, build concentration and improve intellectual abilities in people. It is also used to treat a multitude of nervous system disorders like epilepsy, insanity, and neuralgias and psychological diseases like depression. 

Speech disorders

Speech disorder is a common problem encountered by many individuals that not only poses a barrier in communication but also diminishes the self esteem and confidence in the person. Saraswatarishta is a marvellous tonic that has shown tremendous results in improving voice strength and tone. It helps in correcting pronunciation and prevents mistakes during verbal communications.


Saraswatarishta is a great aphrodisiac that works magic particularly for men. Its immense power is used to overcome male disorders like impotence, low libido, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunctions. It also improves fertility in men by increasing endurance, sperm count, sperm quality and sperm motility. 

Skin problems

Saraswatarishta is also apt at improving the natural health of the skin. It removes the toxins and cleanses the skin from within thereby improving complexion and removing acne, scars, blemishes, pigmentation, aging marks like wrinkles and fine lines.

Aging problems

Saraswatarishta is known to increase the ‘ayu’ i.e. life expectancy of a person. When used as a regular tonic it has proven to improve overall health, stamina, vitality and longevity of a person. Its strong adaptogenic and antioxidant actions help in dealing with stress, tiredness and fatigue.

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