Thengin Pookkuladi Rasayana is more or less a common household medicine in Kerala. It is a constant in many Keralite kitchens as a quick reliever of back pains, muscle cramps, and post-natal care. This is a soothing rasayana and can be consumed by people of all ages. Rasayanas are an ayurvedic semi-solid jam that is useful for complete body rejuvenation. They can be stored for a long time without comprising the nutritive values.

Tengin Pookkuladi Rasayana is an energy-boosting tonic which is widely used in ayurvedic systems in Kerala and other parts of South India to rejuvenate new mothers after delivering the baby. When a child is developing in the womb, nutrients in the mother’s body are completely utilized to develop a new life (the baby). Tengin Pookkuladi Rasayana is made from the inflorescence of the coconut tree. It is from this one flower that dozens of coconut is formed. Thus this flower is highly nutritious and has the potential to provide the mothers who have given birth with all necessary components for theirs hastened full recovery.

The Rasayana is not only made up of the flower of coconut trees, it is also enriched by other unique natural ingredients

The roots of hibiscus plants are used in the rasayana. Hibiscus plants have various beneficial applications. Hibiscus is renowned for bringing down hypertension in women after childbirth. It is quite normal for mothers to have increased blood pressure resulting in hypertension during child birth. Hibiscus is traditionally used to bring down hypertension.

Country Mallow or Bala is another major ingredient in Tengin Pookkuladi Rasayana. It is effective in relieving pains. It also helps in strengthening the body and promotes recovery post childbirth.


Jamun renowned for its anti-oxidant and refreshing properties is also a major ingredient.

To improve the overall immunity of the mothers a host of spices including ginger, cumin, cinnamon, cardamom, and indigo are present in minor quantities.



It helps provide relief from muscle pains, joint pains, cramps and aches.

This rasayana can be consumed regularly for a few weeks to help in the restoration and rejuvenation of new mothers after childbirth.

It is also effective in relieving all major menopausal syndromes including dizziness, lack of energy, lack of concentration, headaches, menstrual irregularities, vaginal dryness, depression, nervousness, and night sweats amongst others.

It is very beneficial during prolonged or heavy bleeding due to periods. This condition is called menorrhagia. The rasayana with its madhura dravya and sneha dravya properties help rejuvenate the entire body.

Tengin Pookkuladi helps in alleviating diseases leucorrhea, vaginitis, and vaginal yeast infection. It also helps prevent such conditions.

It helps provide relief from all kinds of debility and weakness. It energizes the entire body.

This rasayana can also be used to treat all other kinds of menstrual disorders.

It can also help in relieving back pain.

It also has strong anti-inflammatory properties and this helps to soothe the internal organs.

It also has ingredients with high anti-oxidative properties.

Tengin Pookkuladi rasayana nourishes the shukradhatu. This means it will automatically nourish the other 6 dhatus making it a saptadhatu nourisher.



It is normally advised to consume 10-15 g of this rasayana two times a day with lukewarm water or a glass of milk.

It is advised to consult an ayurvedic physician to know your personalized dosage with respect to your tridosas and mental state.

It is advised to consume this medicine at least 30 minutes after consuming any allopathic medicine.

It is normally safe to consume Tengin Pookkuladi besides a homeopathic medicine.



Rasayanas contain high levels of jaggery and hence is not advised for diabetic people.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Do not overdose and read the label thoroughly before use.

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